Short films can be short of time but have a larger, deeper and stronger impact. The stories are layered with messages that often require revisiting the movie, which is not something you'd do with feature films. Hence every time you see a short film, you see something new, with a lot still left to be discovered.

Dimensions Mumbai is a section of the Jio MAMI Mumbai Film Festival where budding filmmakers below the age of 25 years submitted their short films. Each film was less than 5 minutes long. The films in competition are a mix of fictional and documentary shorts to be judged by the likes of Kabir KhanHardik MehtaTillotama ShomeDulquer SalmanRuchika OberoiDileesh Pothan and Somen Mishra.


There are 17 short stories, which are shown in one after the other – a total of 87 minutes. It is called Dimensions Mumbai because each movie has a dimension of Mumbai in it, be it the acceptance of the city or the welcoming heart, getting used to the city or a new start. The films depict Mumbai in their own versions or 'dimensions' as they call it. While some leave you thinking, others are meant for entertainment. 

Dimensions Mumbai short film screening - BookMyShow

While it is up to the Jury to decide the best in this competition, all of them succeed in their own short way. The freedom that short films allow is well-utilized by the filmmakers, and innovation in the subjects range from migration to Mars. They cover the city along with its people within. While some stories look at the future that lies ahead, some focus on the life of a Mumbaikar. It was a lot to take in with 17 stories, but that the end, each leaves you with that feeling of connection. 

Why You Should Watch: 

Dimensions Mumbai is a great platform for budding filmmakers to portray their work. We often complain about nepotism but do not do much to support the 'outsiders' in the industry. Catch these short films to see the talent brewing in today's youth. Some films will definitely leave you stunned. The ones that stood out of the lot were Noori (documentary on a musician's invention of an instrument), Wolf of Chawl Street (mockumentary on a street painter), Bambaiwale (portrayal of the life of an immigrant), Made for Each Other (a story of an everyday traveller), Thakur Sahab (documentary on a taxi driver), Pyaada (a black comedy based on an abduction), Lines (PSA on sanitation in schools), Vacancy (satire on the future of public transport and population), and The Last Story (a story of a struggling writer). Common themes of struggle, class difference, and humanity are interspersed in almost every story. After all, that is what connects all those who think of Mumbai as a home and not a city.

What You Should Watch Next: 

If you appreciate the short film format, Dimensions Mumbai is a must-watch for MAMI 2017. You can catch it again till the 18th of October, or watch many more short films at the Mumbai Film Festival. Just look out for Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Films for shorts by  Chaitanya TamhaneMansi JainNeeraj Ghaywan and Sujoy Ghosh. We would also like to wish all the young filmmakers of Dimensions Mumbai all the best for showing us their idea of 'Mumbai'. 

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– Written by Shikha Singh and Delnaz Divecha