Before starting with the review, R.I.P. Nimish Chheda. He was the sound designer for Dishkiyaoon.

Dishkiyaoon is the tale of Viki Kartoos (Harman Baweja). He narrates his tale to Lakwa (Sunny Deol). He had a rough childhood, neglected and always bullied. Soon he comes under the influence to Mota Tony (Prashant Narayan), a gangster. Tony’s influence aspires him to join the dark world and become a gangster. However, Tony is murdered. Viki sets on a journey to avenge Tony’s death and finally attain the status of the leader of gangsters. Does his achieve his goal? Is he able to avenge Tony’s death and kill all his enemies? Or does he gets killed himself? All this forms the crux of the movie.

Dishkiyaoon can be best described as a labyrinthine mayhem with not enough detailing. Narrated in a a linear fashion, the movie is flat. Most of the scenes are cliched while some are amateurish. The motives of each character is complicatedly intertwined, that leaves the audience confused. The drama misses on the intensity. The script is not strong enough to keep the audience entertained. Even the romantic angle given to Dishkiyaoon couldn’t add much to the movie. With a sharper script, the movie would have been at a totally different tangent.

Dishkiyaoon is Harman Baweja’s second attempt at acting. Unfortunately it hasn’t improved since his last venture. He needs to polish his skills if he wants a bright future in the film industry. Sunny Deol‘s character doesn’t add anything to the entire movie. He being there or not, didn’t matter anyway. Ayesha Khanna as the leading lady is totally forgettable. Anand Tiwari is way too cute to be a gangster. The rest of the supporting cast is barely worth remembering.

To sum it up, Dishkiyaoon is an awful movie. Disastrous acting and futile script damaged a gangster movie that might have been a good one otherwise.

Why should you watch this film?

The climax helped the movie earn 1 star. I can’t think of one good reason to recommend this movie. But there are a few good action sequences and damdaar dialogues worth listening to. If you want to watch Dishkiyaoon, its your decision.

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