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Dongri Ka Raja: Film Review: A Saga of Love and Mafia

Verdict: A story with a lot of potential marred by poor editing.

We all love a good gangster film. Gangster boss is that one person, who is the ruler of his kingdom, who is the judge and the accused of the crimes happening in his kingdom. He walks with a lion's gait and his dialogues stay with you long after. He usually has an enforcer who does all his dirty work and maintains his terror among the people. This kingpin usually has the police trying very hard to bring him to justice and an adversary who wants the kingdom for himself. Thanks to Ram Gopal Verma and Ekta Kapoor, Bollywood has seen a lot of good gangster movies and although their story line might not differ, it still keeps you hooked to the screens.

Dongri Ka Raja - BookMyShowDongri Ka Raja is a gangster movie intertwined with a will-they-won't-they love story. We have Mansoor Ali (Ronit Roy) who is the uncrowned king of Dongri and his adopted son Raja (Gashmeer Mahajani) is his enforcer. Raja falls in love with Shruthi (Reecha Sinha) much to the dismay of Mansoor who wants Raja to be his loyal dog as he continues to rule over Dongri. Mansoor is pursued by sub-inspector Siddhanth (Ashmit Patel) who won't stop at anything to make sure that justice prevails. On the other hand, there is Daya (Sachin Suvarna) who is trying to make sure that he usurps Mansoor's position. Amidst all this, a love story unfolds, which is faced with tragedy at every step.

Ronit Roy has done an excellent job as Mansoor Ali, the poker-faced kingpin for whom his position matters above everything else. He has got the gait and the dialogues right every step of the way with ruthlessness, which leaves you in surprise. Gashmeer Mahajani, who has done a few Marathi movies, has started on a good note and we would like to see more of him and Reecha Sinha has made a promising debut with this movie. The lead couple lack the chemistry which this film aims at portraying.

The movie has a variety of twists and turns that make the run-of-the-mill story an interesting watch. The movie does last a lot longer than it should. At 2 hours 19 minutes, it doesn't seem like a super long movie but it could have used some finishing when it came to removing the chaff. 

Why You Should Watch This Movie:
Ronit Roy once again proves that he doesn't have to be in the titular role for him to shine through the movie. Fans of gangster movies, this movie should be on your list for a fun watch.