Ek Tha Tiger: Movie Review

Review: Falling in love is inevitable they say and Salman Khan returns with one of the highest grossers of the year, elaborating that thought. It is only obvious that a film with him in the lead role will draw audiences to the theatres. Add to that some romance, lots of action and comic timing – you have a film which has BLOCKBUSTER written all over it. Salman Khan alias Tiger plays a RAW Agent who leaves no stone unturned to punish the criminal. The slow-mo intro to his character was mindblowing. There’s everything in the film one can ask for, and let’s face it… it is made for the masses and not the classes. Any film or scene that makes you want to hoot, whistle or engage in one of those rowdy acts, is a film that will appeal to the strata that goes to theatres for entertainment and not to increase their IQ. 
The third film from Kabir Khan’s kitty (after Kabul Express and New York) shall garner a great response. Just what you want to hear actually. An intelligently made film, with great detailing. Yes, there were flaws, but when was the last time we saw something on screen that was simply perfect? Glaring as they may be, it is only better to overlook these flaws. Salman Khan’s films are hard to review, ’cause everyone knows they will anyway do well at the BO. The obvious also happens, something that must in each of his films (guess it and you know you are the biggest Salman fan). I always wonder how he manages to be like a newbie with each film, oozing hotness all over, just like he did in Rajshri’s Maine Pyaar Kiya and Hum Aapke Hai Kaun
The songs, the background music is awesome! So much so that you will find yourself singing-along with the lead protagonists. My favourite song – Banjaara – beautifully shot with goodlooking people all around and the bagpipes – in Sukhwinder Singh’s voice. And oh what locales! If not anything, this is something you will find yourself ogling at. Wow and how! 
Katrina Kaif manages to look like a divine beauty with each film of hers, I wonder if she gets this Goddess like feeling all the time… approached by the public like she was an exquisite creature from outer space. I have to admit that she inspires me everytime. From those days when she worked in Boom to the time she acted in Vipul Shah’s Namastey London to now… an upward climb towards superstardom. The effort shows. The only disappointment was her chemistry with Salman, the most romantic scene also lacked the spark. Sad. 
Girish Karnad is a superb actor, and I always look forward to watching theatre as well as film veterans on screen, acting out their roles with such panache. An inspiration for many. Apart from his films, he must be seen on the stage. A theatre actor always brings maturity to film acting. Another person who deserves a mention is Ranvir Shorey, he’s done a lot of roles – some small, some big – including that of a soldier in Farhan Akhtar’s Lakshya. That role didn’t require much of the actor but he still made his presence felt. Ek Tha Tiger too, doesn’t extract too much of his talent, but off the many who played their parts, his character is one of the essential ones, and he quite justified his role. 
The film is simple, you know what’s going to happen, but something about it would want you to head to the theatre again.  If you feel that there is less or no logic in a few scenes, I would request you to shut out the part of your brains that shouts out logic in the simplest of situations. This is not a Thinking Man’s cup of tea. A film from the Yash Raj banner has all the elements for an enjoyable film – it’s glossy, it has great songs, it is shot in beautiful locales. I doubt if one wants any more for a weekend fix. 
Verdict: It is a blockbuster entertainer. Just go watch it. 
Movie Details: 
Director: Kabir Khan
Cast: Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, Ranvir Shorey, Girish Karnad
Music: Sohail Sen
Writer: Kabir Khan, Neelesh Mishra
Running Time: 2 hrs 13 mins 

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