In a multi-starrer film, it is often child’s play to gauge who the better performer of the two, three or more actors will be, from the beginning. Ek Villain, however, surprises, quite pleasantly. Sidharth Malhotra seems to have graduated with his third film, as he transforms from being a goon with severe anger issues into a benign lover. All expectations were still resting on Riteish Deshmukh’s shoulders, who has proven to be a good actor through his decade-long stint in Bollywood. And the actor doesn’t disappoint here too. He has ample emotions to show, and he does so wonderfully. His portrayal of the (obvious) psychotic killer was scary and disturbing, yet he maintained the innocence in his eyes, never once telling you what he may be thinking, until, of course, it becomes a repeat procedure. 

Shraddha Kapoor is satisfactory in her role as Aisha. However, there was a lot of room of improvement for her. Her portrayal of the character was little different from that of Aarohi in Aashiqui 2. Given that she looks extremely pretty in the new venture, she mustn’t forget that it is the acting prowess that got her the adulations in the first place. She is much too squirrelly in her character, could be an overdose of coffee, or whatever. One too many pretty faces, little on the acting front, though. Yes, as a viewer, we want to see her in more meaningful roles.
The film also has a surprising cameo by the controversial Bhojpuri star, Kamaal R Khan. His laughter doesn’t cease to ring in my brain. What more can one say, the blinded by chauvinism man that he portrays to be in the film could get him into serious trouble with the various mahila mandals in the country. Although just a cameo, you should watch theatre actor, Meher Acharia-Dar play the role of Riteish’s boss with much panache. And then there is the popular singer and musician, Remo Fernandes, playing the father figure of the bad guy-turned-good guy, Sidharth. 
Mohit Suri finds impressive content to woo his audience. The rumors surrounding the film were completely true (the film had been inspired from the Korean psychological-thriller, I Saw The Devil) but that doesn’t seem to bother the makers, because Ek Villain has all the elements of a Bollywood film that the film-loving Indian audience loves to watch. It’s majorly flawed on the logic front, it’s flawed on the performances front, but it shall win. There is no stopping an inspiration if it sells. Take the music for example, there is a song after every few minutes, making it a Musical Romantic-Thriller, regardless of the fact that it may not fit the scene. But they sure were melodious. Especially, Teri Galliyan and Banjaarey. They are on their way to becoming the next Tum Hi Ho and Sunn Raha Hai Tu.
Eventually, it all boils down to the fact that Riteish wanted to be his wife’s (Aamna Sharif) hero, perhaps he could sing the popular Enrique Iglesias song that you and I grew up listening to? ‘Nuff said, Ek Villain, is not a new script you are looking forward to. It suffers from a serious case of déjà vu, albeit with new faces. Nonetheless, it will work. 
Why should you watch this film?
It is THAT Bollywood film you were waiting to watch all Summer. After a long hiatus, here comes a film, that may not be suitable for all age groups, but still qualifies to be an edge-of-the-seat entertainer. Maybe you could forget the same old feelin’, and embrace the film with all your heart. Try hard if you have to. 

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