El’ayichi: Short Film Review

TTT has become a term synonymous with short and crisp stories. One of those masterpieces is this short film starring Divyendu Sharma and Nimrat Kaur called El'ayichi, directed by Devashish Makhija.

It is the story of a wife, Padu (Nimrat Kaur) and her husband, Samar (Divyendu Sharma). He is clingy, keeps talking about his problems and doesn't leave his wife alone, ever. On the other hand, Padu is going on with her life and is a little annoyed by how things are in her life. The third character in the film is played by Vibha Chibber, who is the maid and is certainly confused about her madam's behavior. She is important because she is the one who gives the short film its title.

You hardly manage to observe the performances in a film that is less than 5 minutes in duration. What you observe continuously is a fossilized dodo that keeps flashing after a few scenes. The films goes in a normal flow regardless of how unreal their situation is, making the viewers believe so, too. Which indeed is the sign of effortless acting and direction.

The film has left its end open to interpretation. One can interpret that she wants her husband to leave her alone by not choosing what he asked her to or she is simply annoyed by the clingy husband who cannot leave her alone for a second, and picks something she actually wants; the point being, that if given an option to choose, the choice always lies with you.

The film is a different kind and there is more to it than what meets the eye. Watch the short film here:

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