Verdict- A suspense thriller that is too confusing to handle.

After delivering hits like Aamir and Table No 21, Rajeev Khandelwal stars in yet another thriller, Fever, which is somewhat on the similar lines of one of his previous movies Samrat & Co. The crime story sees Rajeev starring opposite Gauhar Khan who looks absolutely stunning in this one.

The opening scene of the film shows Rajeev Khandelwal meeting with an accident and gains consciousness four 4 days later only to realize that he has lost his memory. The only thing he remembers is that his name is Armin, he comes from Paris and that he has murdered a woman named Rhea who apparently was a significant part of his life. Armin, with nowhere to go, gets the help of his doctor to find a place to stay. Right from the hospital till he reached the hotel, he sees repeated appearance of  a girl who introduces herself as Kaavya (Gauhar Khan). A suspect in Armin’s mind, he feels she is the only one who would help him find his identity.

With faded memory and very little evidence in hand, Armin finally sets out in search of the truth. On investigating, he finds out that he is a contract killer, who kills for money and had fallen in love with the person who was his last contract before the accident – Rhea. With visions of a murdered Rhea, life becomes even more confusing when an alivey Rhea comes in front of him and reveals that his name is not Armin, but Karan who is an aspiring writer. Kaavya, on the other hand, who claims support everything he does, only does a job of luring him towards her.

As the story unfolds further, we see where the mess is headed. Unpredictable surprises in the story can be expected but only add to the confusion of the audience. Although the overall movie is tolerable, the climax turns out to be a disappointment. Rajeev Jhaveri this time, although failed to impress us with the plot, balanced it with the background score and the beautiful locations of Switzerland which act as a saving grace to this movie.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

Rajeev, who is known for his acting skills has not matched the level of his old films this time but has managed to make this movie a one time watch.  Gauhar looks stunning as ever. Gemma Atkinson and Caterina Murino‘s cameos are an added bonus to this 2 hour 8 minute movie. Watch it if you don’t have any plans this weekend!