`Shuddh Desi Romance`, the title seems ironical at first after watching the movie, but then this it dawns upon the viewer that it is reasonably apt in current scneario. The movie affirmingly sets itself forward to depict the attitude and dilemmas of youth when it come to love, relationship and marriage. Unarguably one of the bold films from Yashraj films , SDR is surely an achievement when it comes to writing the film. Jaideep Sahni has written the script intelligently and honestly to depict the fallacies of Indian customs and the approach Indians take toward marriage. Story of Raghu (Sushant Singh) who is confused and on his way to marriage meets Gayatri (Parineeti chopra) on the journey. He falls for her, which catalyzes his doubt towards his own marriage and runs away from the ceremony. Then the romance happens between Raghu and Gayatri which takes the story forward. Further the drama arises when the girl whom Raghu was supposed to marry comes into picture, thereby by making it a sort of unconventional love triangle. Everything around the movie revolves around this premise.


What is remarkable about Shuddh Desi Romance is the way characters of all three leads are being written. Characterization is indeed the strong aspect of movie depicting Raghu as a `confused in love commitment phobic regular guy` and Parineeti as a vulnerable girl living life with a carefree attitude (read anger too). The character of Tara (Vani kappoor) is less relatable and more dramatic but that seems to be the demand of a love story which primarily centers around the love relationship of Raghu and Gayatri. Also notable is the relationship Raghu shares with Tauji (Rishi kapoor) who is a father figure figure to him, constantly giving advices to him. Rishi Kapoor once again gives a accomplished performance and his evolution of becoming one of the best character actors currently in Indian cinema is laudable. Sushant Singh gives a remarkable performance in his role and does the complete justice to it. He steals much of the show and his role has also benefited from the fact that he has the major screentime in Shuddh Desi Romance. Parineeti Chopra gives restrained , composed performance and justifies herself once again as one of the actresses to look for in future. Her candid charm and spontaneity gives life to the role. Vani Kapoor has also essayed her part with ease. Direction of the movie is intelligent. Manish sharma displays once again the expertise in handling stories which revolve around Indian middle class. Music is decent while the perky lyrics do catch our ears at times.


But at the core of Shuddh Desi Romance lies the disenchantment of today’s youth with marriage, fuelled by confusion and the societal conflicts which he/she faces. Shuddh Desi Romance can be also be read as a statement accounting for the friction between convention and being radical, thereby leading to emotional vulnerability and strong stance against marriage.

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