Filmistaan: Film Review – Total jhakaas… Bollywood style

How much do you love Bollywood? What’s the level of your filminess? Well, honestly, all Indians tend to be a little filmy. Thank you, Bollywood.


The name is Sunny –  Sunny Arora from Delhi. He loves cinema and his life solely revolves around it. An average-looking guy, Sunny aspires to be a Bollywood actor. After getting rejected from auditions continuously, Sunny lands up as an assistant director with a group of American documentary filmmakers. Little did he know that his life will take a filmy twist, which will change his life forever.

Nitin Kakkar’s Filmistaan
crackles with wit, humor and a lot of filminess. Sharib Hashmi is simply brilliant as Sunny Arora. Who says a hero needs to have chiseled looks and killer dance moves? Sharib Hashmi breaks free from the stereotype. He presents us a character so exceptional that it will linger on. Inaamulhaq as Aftab also gave a laudable performance. Their bro-mance is entertaining. Kumud Mishra as Mehmood, the crude extremist is powerful and intense.



Nitin Kakkar managed to touch a chord with his film without being over-dramatic. Even the minutest of details are perfectly captured. The dialogues are plain superb. In one scene, when a heart-broken Sunny is talking about his life and dreams, Aftab responds to him in the most filmiest way possible – "Chup kar pagle, rulayega kya." Seasoned with epic Bollywood dialogues like -"Mard ko dard nahi hota", Filmistaan is a tribute to the great Indian cinema, not forgetting the great Indian fan, of course.

The cinematography by Subhransu Das is sublime. The soundtrack of the film by Arijit Datta is soothing and is an added bonus to the film. However, the editing could have been better. The transition between certain scenes are slightly rough and abrupt. And also the footage from films might seem a little long. But, the actors and the script is so brilliant that you can ignore the minor flaws and just laugh away your blues.

That’s the power of Filmistaan! Profound and feel-good.

Why should you watch the film?

Brilliant in conception and execution, Filmistaan, will entertain you right from the beginning. Filmistaan also delivers a positive message on life. No matter how difficult a situation you are stuck at, always be positive and face the hurdles with a little bit of humor.

And yes, always be a little filmy. It helps.

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