Verdict: Kapil Sharma shows his acting skills in this desi period drama.

Kapil Sharma has time and again moved above his comedian avatar to be a producer, anchor, and actor. With his second film as an actor and first as a producer, Kapil gives you a period drama with a decent share of his signature rustic comedy.

What's Firangi About:

The film is set in 1921 and revolves around Mangatram aka Manga (Kapil Sharma) who was born feet first. He can cure people's back sprain but still has no job. He gets a job as an assistant to a British official who happens to be conspiring against the villagers along with the King. Both of them take the village land by tricking the villagers. The villagers blame Manga because he works for the "Firangi". Now Manga takes it upon himself to get the land back, by hook or by crook.

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What Works:

Firangi is a very simple film with a dash of Kapil Sharma's comedy in it. He is great as Manga who is stuck in a situation he doesn't want to be in but cannot leave because it also affects the love of his life. The story set in 1921 pre-independent India is shown beautifully as the same is shot in Punjab on the banks of river Sutlej. The whole set is manually created as Kapil the producer didn't want to compromise with the production quality and kept it authentic.

Presence of so many character actors makes the movie funnier. While the first half slowly builds the scenario, the second half gets funnier. The simplicity of the story goes perfectly with the period setting. The lack of glamour is filled by Monica Gill as the king's daughter who has perfectly delivered lines in a British accent. The actors have done a great job and Kapil's bold move to give more importance to acting than jokes is well executed. The songs of the movie are beautiful and the Punjabi tunes go with the flow perfectly.

Firangi review - BookMyShow

What could have been better:

The film is a bit stretched with a total duration of two and a half hours, while it could have been at least 20 minutes short. The premise of the movie seems too easy for such a crisis. But if you decide to ignore that taking it as an act of cinematic liberty, Firangi proves to be an entertaining film.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

Kapil Sharma is seen in a different avatar but his desi charm is intact in this movie. He has acted along with many acclaimed performers and has managed to rule the screen even then. The Punjabi tunes and the songs are hummable too. If you like Kapil's entertaining style and are okay with him acting a bit seriously, then you must watch this movie this weekend.

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