A group of children run into the jungle to watch fireflies. Little did they know their lives would change. The movie starts with a narration about the lives of two estranged brothers. It is visually pleasing and captures the urbane life of Mumbai and Bangkok. The characters are well created and essayed beautifully by a wonderful cast. Moreover, the film introduces a lot of new faces, who stand-out in their respective roles. Fireflies clearly targets the niche audience, with parallel concepts, dark and intense cinematography, and an intriguing climax.

The story is centered around the lives of two brothers Shiv (Rahul Khanna) and Rana (Arjun Mathur) who share a tragic past. Shiv is an established businessman, whereas Rana does odd jobs for a living. The film takes us through their respective lives simultaneously. Shiv, a married man, ends up getting involved with his college sweetheart, Sharmila (Shivani Ghai). On the other hand, Rana falls in love with a hippie writer, (Monica Dogra). How their lives takes a dreadful turn and their tragic past forms the climax of the story.

The suave and charming Rahul Khanna, who was last seen in Wake Up Sid, charms us with his presence. However, it is Arjun Mathur who steals the limelight with his stupendous performance. The young actor who has previously starred in supporting or cameo roles, definitely puts up a strong performance. Moreover, Monica Dogra of Dhobi Ghat fame also stands out in her role.

Why you should watch this film?

Fireflies is a well-developed story with a new concept, strong dialogues and an adept cast. However, its slow pace and intense scenes might comes across as bland and uninteresting for people who do not enjoy parallel cinema. However, if you are free this weekend, go watch this film for its refreshing plot and enthralling presentation.

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