Fitoor: Film Review – An obsessive romantic yearning!

Verdict: Misses the romantic bullseye!

When a poor nine-year-old shikarawala, Noor (Aditya Roy Kapur) chances upon a rich heiress’ daughter, Firdaus (Katrina Kaif). The heiress sees something that most people wouldn’t. She sees a love-story that is about to unfold. Fitoor is the story of Noor and Firdaus. But it is as much the story of Begum Hazrat (Tabu), the tormented, heart-broken woman who doesn’t see beyond the condition of her heart. 
The childhood friendship/puppy love is left incomplete when Firdaus is sent to London. A dejected Noor continues to live and do what he does best – paint, sketch, sculpt and create art. As the white picturesque snow-laden surface transforms into the ocre-browns of the chinaar leaves, you’ll agree that Kashmir was the best setting for re-telling Charles Dickens’ Great expectations. Sure, unlike Pip our Noor isn’t quite as unfortunate and Firdaus much stronger than Estella, but you see Aditya Roy Kapur’s character displaying the same shades of longing and hope and Katrina Kaif’s character reminding you of Estella, if only sporadically. 
Years later, fate in the form of a benefactor takes Noor out of Kashmir and into Firdaus’ high-profile Delhi life, and his hope rekindles. He has found her again and this time he does not want to let her go. At this point, you’ll begin to see Noor’s obsession and inspiration. Now that he has found his muse again, how can he let her go?   
The film progresses slowly and at times the dialogues sound stale. A story like Fitoor’s rests solely on the able shoulders of its cast. Tabu’s performance as the Begum is brilliant. Her idiosyncrasies make you empathize and detest her at the same time. Katrina Kaif and Aditya Roy Kapur’s chemistry leaves much to be desired. Aditi Roy Hydari, who plays a young Begum Hazrat and Ajay Devgn, who surprises us with a cameo, impress in their short screen time. 
Abhishek Kapoor‘s brilliance as a director can be seen in the shots of Kashmir. Right from the start of the film, Dal Lake’s serenity and Srinagar’s virgin beauty will leave you awe-struck. However, in terms of performances, you wonder if he could have pushed the lead pair a little harder. The music by Amit Trivedi will add the soulful notes and only add to the glorious beauty of the surrounding. The song Pashmina is wonderful and leaves you bewitched. The film’s costumes are steal-worthy and Tabu’s wardrobe manages to add the royal, eccentric vibe her character needs. 

Why You Should Watch This Movie: Watch Fitoor for its soulful music and stunning cinematography, based in Kashmir. Watch it to experience an artist’s longing for love and to see Tabu’s stellar performance as the Begum. But most of all, watch Fitoor to experience love this Valentine’s weekend.