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G Kutta Se: Film Review – Raw and Intense

Verdict: Sexually charged but emotionally impotent.

Directed by Rahul Dahiya and set in the villages of Haryana, G Kutta Se aims to portray the deep-rooted taboos that are prevalent in this part of the country. The film opens with a man trying to grope a woman sleeping next to him and the tone of the film is set straight. The film does not try to take a mellow approach but presents the circumstances in a manner that will make you want you to look away.

The film focuses on the lives of three youngsters Diksha (Vibha Tyagi) – a young girl who finds herself in an MMS scandal, Kiran (Neha Chauhan) – who is in love with a boy from her village, and Virendra (Rajveer Singh) – who seems to be caught up in the patriarchal society he lives in. How these three seemingly different stories merge into one big catastrophe is what the film is all about. The actors have done a decent job and the film does not hold back when it comes to language and sex. The topic of consent is time and again portrayed in the film, and how women are merely looked upon as objects for men to enforce their power on is presented in a raw manner.

G Kutta Se Film Review

While its intentions are noble, the film falls short in way too many aspects, the major one being its chaotic storyline. The characters are introduced in a haphazard manner and lack the depth required to make the audience believe in the story. The dialogues fail to pack a punch and while the film has all the right elements, it does not take the right direction.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

A hard-hitting film, G Kutta Se has its heart in the right place. If you don’t mind some raw and intense visuals with a serious storyline, G Kutta Se could be the film for your perfect weekend watch.