Satish Kaushik’s Gang of Ghosts is a remake of superhit Bengali film Bhooter Bhabishyat (2012). It is a perfect example of bad movie gone worse.

Gang of Ghosts (GOG) starts off quite well. After a weird skeleton song and dance for title sequence, you already start feeling a little queasy on your seats. Much after the uncomfortable ghostly moments, the story moves ahead. It begins with a director (Parambrata Chatterjee) doing a location check at a middle-of-nowhere mansion. There he meets a struggling writer-Raju, played Sharman Joshi. Raju starts narrating a story idea to the director that involves the spirit of the owner who still haunts the mansion and it goes on and on and on…



As the film goes on and on… you laugh. Laugh out of sheer frustration. The characters are loud. The plot extremely drab. It is quite surprising to see such a good cast, giving such a bland performance. The only two characters who gave the film a little life is Parambrata Chatterjee and Sharman Joshi. If you are expecting some stellar performance Anupam Kher, this is not the right movie. Saurabh Shukla as the Bengali compounder and Asrani as Atmaram are quite entertaining and will give you some comic relief. Mahie Gill as the seductress Manoranjana, is a total disaster. The rest of the cast can be ignored.

Bad editing. In one of the shot, you can actually see the reflection of the light reflector on the shades of the goon. And the songs? Well, let’s not talk about it.

Why must you watch the film?
Watch it for Saurabh Shukla and Asrani. In fact, there are lot of things to learn from the movie. It is a perfect example of what not to do while making a remake. And how bad direction and loose script can make a film go calamitous even with a strong cast.

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