The Dirty Picture duo is back with a bang! Starring Emraan Hashmi, Vidya Balan, Rajesh Sharma and Namit Das in the lead, Ghanchakkar revolves around a quirky plot involving a bank heist, a safe hacker suffering from memory loss, a loud Punjabi wife, lots of romance and definitely, suspense. Not a word more regarding the story. Rest is upto you to discover like Sanjay Athray (Emraan Hashmi) says, “Main hi sab dekhaunga (bataungi), toh, tum kya discover karogi (karoge)?”


Just two movies old in tinseltown, director Raj Kumar Gupta deals with one of the best comedy-thriller movies ever made. His previous ventures, ‘Aamir’ and No One Killed Jessica were critically acclaimed, but this time he took a risk by experimenting with a different genre, and the risk and the effort paid off.

The plot is closely knit with each event unfolding at its own pace, keeping the audience hooked to their seat and aiding in a rigorous exercise of their grey cells. Following an intelligent storytelling pattern, the movie is brilliantly executed especially, post-interval. The hilarious moments are well-placed throughout the movie with several bold and funny dialogues, which can’t be missed at all. But the Bambaiya Hindi with a few abusive words have been muted, so it is a slight let down.

Both Vidya and Emraan have come out of their comfort zone and tried something different in this movie. Like Vidya’s previous movies Kahaani and The Dirty Picture, she was not all over the place. But has pinned an exceptional performance whenever onscreen. Initially portrayed as a loud lady with a bizarre fashion sense and hopeless culinary skills, her character gradually allows one to explore deeper into who she is. Emraan broke his stereotypical reel image and portrayed himself as the ‘Ghanchakkar’ of the movie. It was hard to ignore his performance in the film which by far has been the best, as it was to ignore the so-called fashionable, loud-mouthed Punjabi housewife Neetu, played by Vidya Balan.


Apart from the stellar lead cast, Rajesh Sharma and Namit Das gave their best and were equally striking playing the thugs, Pundit and Idris respectively. The duo’s versatility is evident as they carry both comic and crime features with ease. It definitely calls for appreciation that in a particular scene, Namit boldly acted on screen with just his brief on. Is he the next Bollywood Mowgli – budding star (flower) in chaddi?

With no over-the-top characters, slapstick moments or tomfoolery, the narration transparently challenges the clichéd Bollywood narration style. Breaking the usual norms around a film and creating a new fad of story narration, the movie follows a European storytelling style. The pace of the plot is built up slowly level by level, building curiosity in the audiences and closes with a bang – a totally unexpected climax.

Owing to the style of the narrative, the background score is next to nil but there are four music tracks and one remix number in the movie and each one is unique in itself. Though they all sound a little crazy, but are complete entertainers with unusual and peppy lyrics. Chuck of the logics and enjoy the crazy songs. On the technical front, the cinematography is good. The sound department have also done an appreciable job, striking a perfect harmony between the background score and the sound effects. The costumes and the make-up department have done a great job adding colours and fashion to Neetu’s character.

In short, a great comedy-thriller that will surprise and entertain the audience at every turn. This Ghanchakkar will definitely take you for a chakkar (ride).

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