To invoke thrill in a short film is comparatively easier than in feature films. It can be a compact and to-the-point story with sharp punches and swift turns because one needs some time for the twists to sink in. But while making a short thriller can go brilliantly on point, it can also be the other way. Girl in Red is a one-of-its-kind short film but mildly lacks in certain aspects. 

It is the story of a bestselling writer Aditya Varma (Nandish Singh) who is suffering from a writer's block and is looking for a story. He comes across an interesting character who is the garbage collector (Rohit Khurana) of the society he stays in. Apart from his job of collecting garbage, he is also responsible for all other odd jobs of the society, including selling weed to whoever wanted it. Aditya learns about his side business and intriguing characteristics and calls him over to smoke a joint together. They then start on their respective stories, which will surprise you in a way you would not expect.

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By the trailer, the film looks way more thrilling than it actually is. It is a strong story-within-story plot that loses the depth beneath the trying-too-hard-to-be-cool execution. A lot of jump cuts, transitions, different tones and cuss words make the film look like a piece of art. There are many references that have been done to death and only stereotype the characters in general. The story moves forward and the continuous montages and smoke only add to your headache. The actors put too much effort on bringing the character and that is pretty apparent. In spite of all this, the film is still recommended because of the mystery that it manages to keep intact till the very end.

Girl in Red cannot be called a bad film. The movie scores full marks on storytelling; it keeps you engaged and the plot unpredictable. 

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