Verdict: Expect masti, but neither great nor grand.

The third installment of the Masti franchise is here in the form of a horror-adult-comedy and it has all that you would expect from the movie – Aftab’s exaggerations, Riteish’s repetitive jokes, Vivek’s complicated life and a whole lot of cleavage.

The plot of the third movie is similar to the first two. And like the first two movies, Amar (Riteish Deshmukh), Meet (Vivek Oberoi) and Prem (Aftab Shivdasani) are again horribly deprived of sex because their wives must take care of their family and ancestors. To add a little fun to their lives, Prem suggests a "plan" and all three of them leave for Amar’s native village, Dudhwadi, to sell an old palace inherited by Amar and also to milk the opportunity (pun heavily intended). While pursuing the "plan", all three of them end up inside the haunted haveli, where they meet an even more sex-deprived virgin ghost Ragini (Urvashi Rautela), who must lose her virginity to rest in peace. The chase begins, but this time, unlike previous parts, the trio is chased by a ghost who wants to do masti with them, as she calls it.

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The movie progresses fast and hence there is no time to get bored. The first half ends in building up the plot and there is nothing extraordinary in the second half, but the movie keeps you cracking up every now and then. The best part of films like these is that you hear the same joke that you’ve been hearing since ages, but they still make you laugh. The script is so stupid that it is funny. The story of the movie is as cliches as it is to ask you to keep your brains at home while you watch the movie. You’ll enjoy it nonetheless.

This is not a film where you would go and judge the cast on their acting skills, however, Riteish and Sanjay Mishra, who plays a fake baba, are the only members that can be counted upon as far as acting is concerned. Aftab’s exaggerated expressions and Vivek’s becharapan are repetitive. The rest of the cast is just there to fill up the screen space, except, obviously, Urvashi Rautela. She plays the stunning ghost and is the one who makes the movie worth a watch. Watch out for a cameo by Shreyas Talpade as well.

The first installment had this beautiful song "Dil de diya hai, jaan tumhe denge" that is still the ringtone of half the country’s romeos, which you’ll find playing as the background score in this part as well. It is a fact that a song like that cannot be made again so the music directors haven’t even tried. But the film has peppy dance numbers that you’ll hum for a week even if you don’t want to, and two of them feature Urvashi Rautela. Her dance moves will make you watch the video thrice, if not more.

To sum it all up, the movie is a one-time watch, if you are into adult humor and PJs and for the rest there is Urvashi Rautela.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

Watch Great Grand Masti if you enjoyed Masti and Grand Masti, and if you are a fan of adult comedy. The movie has enough jokes and punches and the pace of the movie doesn’t give you much time to think and make sense of it, so you just laugh. Also, watch it for the dance numbers.