The only thing that seems to have been beneficial for Gulaab Gang is the recent controversy the film got itself into. Yes, the audience were waiting for the film to release since it was first announced across television screens and theaters. However, it fails to impress. Perhaps, the endeavor behind the making of the film was sincere, but nothing seems to stand as a savior for the film’s reception amongst the junta. With a solid star cast of Madhuri Dixit-Nene and Juhi Chawla, who in their heyday were touted as rivals in the industry, share screen space for the first time ever. A few minutes into the film tells you how it is going to turn out eventually.

Debutant director Soumik Sen, focuses on providing a film that taps into various aspects of feminism and women’s rights, but there is little impact that strong issues such as these end up creating. There is a misplaced sense of feminism which proves to be a bane to the whole film put together. With practically an all-women star cast, the power of pink seems rather bleak. Madhuri Dixit-Nene has given a performance that one wouldn’t want to remember. There is so much emotion that runs as an undercurrent, the plasticity in the execution kills it all. To add to the woes of the common woman, we see Madhuri Dixit-Nene in a Dabangg meets Rohit Shetty avatar. Being able to do stunts in a saree is something all women want to learn, I am certain. This, however, seems too illogical to fathom. 

Juhi Chawla‘s role as a scheming politician is what you should watch out for. It is that role where the actress seems to have rediscovered herself, simply because, her sweet girl-next-door performances in the past were much too endearing. With Sumitra Devi, she gives one too many reasons to the audience to love to loathe her. While the character is a blatant concatenation of certain present-day lady politicians, the actress pulls this one off with much aplomb. 

If (and when) compared, one could easily say that Juhi Chawla’s performance overshadows that of Madhuri Dixit-Nene’s. 

Why must you watch this film?

There could have been more than one reason to watch this film, but presently, there is just one. Madhuri Dixit-Nene versus Juhi Chawla. 

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