Verdict:  A nail-biting thriller exploring the dark side of real estate.

There are a plethora of movies that drag us to the cinema hall due to the hype around them, and then there's this little chunk, which may have a silent release, but creates a buzz after its success. Gurgaon is one such movie. Released under the banner of JAR Pictures, the movie is helmed by award-winning cinematographer Shanker Raman, who makes his directorial debut, straight into the genre of noir. Starring Ragini Khanna and Akshay Oberoi in lead roles, the movie shows the ugly side of real estate and simultaneously talks about sibling rivalry and strained family bonds.

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The story starts with Preeto Singh (Ragini Khanna) returning to her family in Gurgaon, after completing her studies abroad. Preeto, who is the apple of her father's eye and is unconditionally loved by her mother, is immensely hated by her brother Nikki Singh (Akshay Oberoi). The reason for this animosity is that Preeto is set to inherit everything owned by daddy dearest. While the brother holds grudges on one hand, Preeto, on the other, feels as if she is 'getting sucked into the family business'. But this is just the background of the story. The trouble arises when Nikki loses a huge amount of cash in a bet and to repay it, decides to get his sister abducted. What happens next is what the movie is about. 

Gurgaon also touches upon the sensitive topic of 'killing the girl child' in rural areas. Without disclosing anything, we'd like to add that the 107-minute thriller is inspired by true events. The film is full of unexpected twists that keep you on the edge of your seat till the very end, even making you forget to check your phone.

Talking about the actors' performance, Ragini Khanna, who makes her debut with this film, has done a praiseworthy job. We hope to see more of her now that she has made a comeback. Akshay Oberoi, who has previously acted in Fitoor and Laal Rang, shows us exactly how a dark role has to be pulled off with an innocent face. While the two actors were great, we felt that the most important actor, Pankaj Tripathi, lacked screen space. But then again, they showed all that a 107-minute-long movie could have incorporated.

The music of the movie fits the theme just right, and although there are no fancy locations, the film has been shot well. We love how Raman has played with a simple storyline, and by giving importance to minute details, has created something big out of his debut film.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:
Gurgaon caters to a niche audience and may not be a family watch. But if you are the kind who likes to watch thrillers and cannot sit through a three-hour long film, we would strongly recommend you to watch this movie.

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