Hansa: Movie Review

Review: Set in the picturesque Himalayas, Hansa attempts to depict the trials and tribulations faced by the villagers who reside there. Yes, all isn’t well in this mountainous paradise is what Hansa tries to tell the audience, but does it succeed? Unfortunately, not…

The movie is seen from a little boy, Hansa and his sister, Cheeku’s eyes. Their father has mysteriously disappeared and a lot of the responsibility falls on Cheeku who has to prevent her house from getting sold and is at the receiving end of a powerful villager’s lecherous advances while little Hansa is too restless and distracted to pay attention to all the trouble his sister is facing.

For a film that’s only 85 minutes long, Hansa still manages to bore you to death! Not only have a lot of unnecessary songs been inserted but the editing is highly sloppy, these however are two obstacles that a lot of films struggle to overcome, but only a few succeed. More so, what brings the film down are its performances which aren’t convincing enough to engage the audience. The child actors, especially Cheeku’s dialogue delivery aren’t good enough. Strangely enough, the scenes which depict her being molested by the landlord do not manage to evoke any empathy and this thanks to the blank expression she constantly wears.

At multiple times, Hansa’s screenplay tries to draw you but thanks to the thick Pahadi accent (local language of the people from Kumaon area) the actors speak in, you often find yourself losing track of the plot. However, the director’s sensitivity is evident in scenes when Cheeku tries to trace her father in vain or the ones where little Hansa is so engrossed in his little world which only proves how disturbed he too is by his father’s absence. Children have a tendency to suppress their pain and retreat into their own world.

For all its shortcomings, what’s commendable is that Hansa has been shot in a span of 17 days. The scenic locales also make Hansa far more watchable and it is evident that the director, Manav Kaul has a certain aim and that is to bring out the troubles the hill-dwellers face.

Verdict: Worthwhile for it’s message but moves at a leisurely and indulgent pace…

Kanika Rajani

Movie Details
Release Date: December 28, 2012
Language: Hindi
Genre: Social, Drama
Director: Manav Kaul
Cast and Crew: Kumud Mishra, Abhay Joshi, Trimala Adhikari and Bhushan Borgaonkar

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