Verdict: Hanuman vs Mahiravana is a full-fledged family entertainer.

Undoubtedly, Ramayana is one of the most classic and timeless Indian epics. We are all aware of the heroic battle fought between Lord Rama and the evil Ravana, aren’t we? Be it through storybooks or comics, our grandma’s version or even Ramanand Sagar’s version on TV, Ramayana is loved by all. The timeless epic is filled with chapters that we all know; from Lord Rama’s banishment to Maa Sita’s abduction, from Hanuman carrying an entire mountain of medicinal herbs to many more.

However, there is a lesser-known story that took place on the night before the ultimate battle. Directed by Ezhil Vendan, Hanuman vs Mahiravana brings this untold tale of heroism to the big screen.

Hanuman vs Mahiravana review


Set in the present times, the story starts at an ASI excavation site where two kids marvel at the sculptures that depict the tale of Ramayana. However, stumbling upon an unfamiliar sculpture they learn the story of Mahiravana through an archaeologist. Set against the legendary battle of Ramayana, Hanuman vs Mahiravana is an untold tale of what happened a night before the final battle. The film tells a story of how Hanuman put an end to Ravana’s evil brother Mahiravana and saved Lord Rama and Lord Lakshmana. To witness this epic tale, head to the nearest theatre right away.


The biggest USP of this film is that the makers are telling a story that most of us aren’t well versed with. Hence, the film gives us an excellent chance to witness Hanuman on his journey of saving his lords and defeating the extremely smart and evil Mahiravana. Gone are the days when we thought animated films were just for kids because this one is for children and adults alike.

The entire film concentrates on a single aspect of Ramayana and hence the story has been narrated with ease and simplicity. It is a delight to watch the film in 3D with all the breath-taking visuals. Hanuman vs Mahiravana has it all – emotions, power-packed fight sequences, evil creatures and the very mischievous Vanaar Sena.


The movie’s engaging plot and marvelous visuals left us wanting more and wishing the movie were a bit longer, but Hanuman vs Mahiravana makes up for it by letting the audience enjoy every moment until the very end.


More than a film, Hanuman vs Mahiravana is a story that every child should know and learn about. It is enchanting, visually appealing, and transports the audiences to Lord Rama’s world. Hanuman vs Mahiravana is a full-fledged family entertainer. And those of you who don’t know this story, worry not. It is time to treat yourself and your loved ones to Hanuman vs Mahiravana.

Also, as the makers of the film said, “It is time we invest in our own superheroes.”