Yudi Jaitley, the hero of Happy Ending, is described by one of his many ex-girlfriends as ‘a thoughtful jerk.’ Played by Saif Ali Khan, Yudi is a commitment phobic philanderer who simply can’t bring himself to say I love you. When a desperate girlfriend insists that he might have layers, Yudi honestly replies: mere andar koi depth wepth nahin hai. Basically, Yudi is a man-child who refuses to grow up – his car license plate reads: Yudi Jet. Like those dirty old men in The Shaukeens, his ‘fithrath’ is also ‘doggy-wali.’  Yudi writes for a living but his one successful book was five and half years ago. To pay the bills, he agrees to write a script for a fading Bollywood star, Armaan played by Govinda.   As Yudi writes the rom-com, he finds himself falling in love with a rival writer – Aanchal played by Ileana D’Cruz. Directors Raj Nidimoru and Krishna DK are attempting here to create a rom-com that parodies Bollywood rom-com conventions – the random boy-girl meeting, the foreign locations, the item number, the inevitable conflict, the climactic reunion at the airport and of course the happy ending. What Scream did for the horror genre, Happy Ending wants to do for rom-coms. It’s a worthy aim but the problem is that this film isn’t half as clever or as charming as it needed to be. It’s an overtly self-aware, send-up that mostly vacillates between being bland and boring.

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