With a perfect concoction of romance, suspense and thriller, Shekhar Suman’s Heartless is an absolute winner. When most Bollywood movies are going gaga about rowdy police officers, super-toned heroes and item numbers, Heartless gives the audience a heart-touching story of a mother-son relationship.

Why is Heartless, ‘heartwarming‘ ?
Heartless tells the story of terminally-ill Aditya Singh (played by Adhyayan Suman) son of a successful business tycoon, Gayatri Singh (played Deepti Naval). Inspired from the Hollywood movie – Awake, it won’t be justifiable if Heartless is tagged as a copy of the Hollywood counterpart. Heartless has its own unique elements of romance, suspense and thriller. However, what made the movie special is the well-done portrayal of the mother-son relationship. Most of the movies are about the hero falling in love with his dreamgirl, a little bit of song and dance and then happily ever after. Even though Heartless is a romantic movie of sorts, the focus was on the complex yet warm relationship of a son with his mother. Their unspoken yet tender moments are brilliantly captured in the movie.



Deepti Naval is simply effulgent. Her character sketch as the single-mother is beautifully done. However, during certain scenes, it did get a little sappy. Bollywood, it is! Adhyayan Suman is the star in the movie. After a ‘sabbatical’, Adhyayan Suman is back on the big screen.  Adhyayan Suman  as Aditya Singh was pretty intense and in some places overly-dramatic. In a particular scene, Adhyayan was smashing champagne glasses (in the hotel lobby) just because his lady love was ignoring him. Now this is utterly ridiculous. Heartless also saw the real-life father-son duo sharing the screen. Shekhar Suman aka Sam played the role of Aditya’s friend in the film. Newbie Ariana Ayam could have done a better job. In most parts of the film she was seen either posing for a song sequence or being the overly-attached girlfriend.

Why ‘Heartless‘ is heartless?
What went wrong with Heartless is the over-exaggeration of certain issues. You can’t help but facepalm when you see a bunch of doctors in the OT playing with a heart, literally. Heartless kickstarts quite well and right when you are actually enjoying the suspense, the characters starts whining. Blame it on the age-old tradition of being dramatic in Bollywood.

Why watch this film?
Shekhar Suman’s directorial debut, ‘Heartless‘ is fresh and unusual. Beautiful cinematography by Darrick Fong and music by Gaurav Dagaonkar makes Heartless a mesmerizing film. Watch it for the nail-biting suspense and Adhyayan Suman’s comeback.

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