Verdict: Kajol and Riddhi Sen give impressive performances in this family entertainer.

The term Helicopter Eela comes from helicopter parenting which is a parenting style where the parent discourages a child’s independence by swooping in at the minimal signs of discomfort or challenge. Such a parent is Eela Raiturkar. Director Pradeep Sarkar and writer Anand Gandhi have come together to revive the Gujarati play Beta, Kaagdo into a movie and have to watch it with your parents to make them understand and, well, vice-versa.

What’s Helicopter Eela About:

Eela Raiturkar (Kajol), a model and singer, gives up her career to take care of her son, Vivan (Riddhi Sen). In no time, he becomes her world and she forgets about her own life. To spend more time with her son, she even joins his college to complete her studies. Things get complicated when Vivan feels his privacy is being invaded by his own mother who has no life of her own. Now, Eela has to make things right.

What Works:

The fact that this script is relatable to almost all the kids in this country makes this movie very very important. Converting a play into a movie takes a lot of imagination and effort and the crew has done a great job with it. Kajol hits all the right notes both as a singer about to hit stardom and as a mother whose life only revolves around his son. The National Award winner Riddhi Sen is undoubtedly the right pick for the son who has a single helicopter parent. The character has layers and needs a lot of understanding to get it right, he has done a decent job there. Neha Dhupia plays one of the teachers in the college and her character is one of the highlights in the movie.

The first half of the film is spent in setting up the plot and it shows us the ups and downs in Eela’s life. The transitions were done with smooth detailing from the past to the present. Overall, Helicopter Eela is a comfortable ride without much turbulence during the journey. It is sure to leave you with a smile on your face.

What Could’ve Been Better:

The story of the movie feels stretched at points, a little trimming of a few minutes would have made the movie more crisp.

Why You Should Watch:

Helicopter Eela is dedicated to all mothers who have given their all to their family and kids. Kajol shines as a helicopter parent and we cannot deny Riddhi Sen’s skills. The film has good performances both by the lead and the supporting cast and a message to take back home. It is a good watch for both parents and kids. We recommend you to watch this with your whole family, especially your mother.