Hero Movie Review

Hero: Film Review- Rebellious and Romantic

This film has been in the limelight for days now, for many reasons: it is the remake of Subash Ghai’s 1983 film, Salman Khan’s production, the launch of two newcomers, who boast of filmy pedigree- Sooraj Pancholi and Athiya Shetty– and Nikhil Advani’s latest directorial venture. So much buzz but is there enough substance?

The movie starts with the perfect masala entrances of the newcomers, Sooraj Pancholi and Athiya Shetty. All the cards are laid out in the first ten minutes as we get to see almost everything Sooraj Pancholi has worked hard on. A through-and-through Salman Khan protégé, he amazes us with his body (full 10 here), his fight sequences, his dance moves and his acting. Athiya Shetty brings to the film her effervescence, her bubbly, almost child-like attitude, and her untamed and unconventional looks. 

The film starts with Sooraj’s strengths on display. He is a gunda (also called Sooraj!) with a good heart, who was raised by the streets. The Robin Hood of his area, he has four sidekicks who aid him and make him look good in the film. Athiya Shetty plays Radha Mathur, the daughter of the Police I.G., and manages to play the sweet, compassionate and chirpy girl convincingly. Sooraj and Radha meet and sparks fly. But the love story is never meant to be because they belong to different backgrounds. This is where you get the feeling that you’re back in the nineties where this theme has been used and abused enough. Combine the romantic vibes from Maine Pyar Kiya and the filmy action of Dabangg and replace Salman with Sooraj, and there you have Hero! Nikhil Advani has played it too safe with this one.

Even if the storyline disappoints at times, the fast pace of the movie keeps you entertained. The screenplay has its share of undone work, but the actors have given strong performances and have taken the film forward. Aditya Pancholi plays the don, Pasha, and plays a strong character with negative shades brilliantly. Tigmanshu Dhulia impresses us as top-cop Mathur, who easily transforms from the strict cop to the concerned dad when needed. The newcomers have a lot of potential, but the film fails to do justice to it. Sooraj definitely has a bright future ahead, and Athiya relieves all the concerns of the audience with this stellar performance. Vivan Bhatena who makes a dramatic entrance in the second half of the movie manages to grab eyeballs with his sauve, bad-boy looks and strong screen presence. 

The cinematography holds your attention with wonderful locations, and you know that effort has been taken to get things done perfectly. Whether it is the action scenes or the dance sequences, you’ll not get bored even for a second. The climactic fight scene takes a good 15 minutes and is one of the best parts. The action is definitely Dabangg-style! Just this time, it’s not Salman, it’s Sooraj, and he is doing all that he was taught by his mentor. The fight, the dance, the moves, it is all there. The film is your Bollywood masala chaat for the weekend, with everything from action to romance.

Why You Should Watch This Movie: If you’ve always loved masala Bollywood films, this is for you. Go and see the newcomers, especially Sooraj, who has a lot of potential. Also, go watch Salman Khan sing on the big screen- it is obviously worth it!