Verdict: A delightful story of resilience, perseverance, and positive spirit.

An actor who was told she is not ideal to enter the film industry. She doesn't have the height or conventional voice to be an actor. Rani Mukerji Chopra was 16 then. Now at 40, she has some of the most memorable Bollywood films in her filmography and an envious body of work. Hers is an inspiring story on its own. And after a long break and embracing motherhood, she is back with a film where her character asks you to treat your weakness as your strength and it is a delight to watch her on the silver screen again.

What's Hichki About:

The movie revolves around Naina Mathur (Rani Mukerji Chopra) who suffers from Tourette Syndrome. She is an M.Sc, B.Ed and a part-time animation artist aspiring to be a teacher. She has faced numerous rejections because of her speech impediment but she never gave up. One day, the same school where she studied from (and applied for a job many times) offers her an opportunity to teach. She is appointed as the class teacher of class 9F which is infamous for their rebellious attitude and are treated as outcasts because of their social status and behavior. Now, it is a challenge for her to make sure that the class treats her as a teacher and the school treats the kids of 9F as their students.

Hichki Movie Review - BookMyShow

What Works:

The story of the movie, despite being about a person with Tourette Syndrome, is more about not giving up in life and that is the beauty of it. It never focuses on the pros and cons of the disorder but on the spirit and situations of the characters in the story. Rani Mukerji Chopra has always been acclaimed for her acting and this movie is certainly a right decision on her part. She has been off the screen for a while but her screen presence hasn't been affected a bit. She has carried the movie on her shoulders and has done it with her trademark finesse.

The movie is sensitive, not only towards the central character but also towards the supporting ones. Every character has been sketched and defined well. Each one has been given certain qualities that make them special and quirky. Regardless of their screen time, each character is bound to leave you with something to take back. As Hichki revolves around school, the film takes you back to the days you cherish the most.

The movie has been executed well too. The first half sets the plot in detail and the second half is fast-paced, fun, and engaging. The songs and background score go well with the flow, only enhancing them. The movie is an emotional journey where you learn, get inspired and shed a few tears of happiness. It will leave you thinking, on a brighter note for a change.

Hichki Movie Review - BookMyShow

What Could Have Been Better:

The movie revolves around a sensitive issue, it has its ups and downs, good and sad moments. It is not a regular masala entertainment and hence the people who cannot handle sensitive situations with care might not appreciate it as much.

Why You Should Watch The Movie:

Hichki is not only about a teacher trying to prove herself but also students who are looking for an identity. This movie will get you back to your school days and reminisce everything that you loved there. Rani has chosen the right script for her come back. She is real and spirited as Naina Mathur. We strongly recommend you to watch this movie. Please do not forget to carry a pack of tissues with you to the theatres.