Verdict: Sudip Bandyopadhyay makes a stellar debut with this feel-good family drama.

Ad filmmaker Sudip Bandyopadhyay recently forayed into films with his first feature debut starring veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah. Titled Hope Aur Hum, this film is a family drama exploring the lives of the members of the Srivastava family. Joining Shah in the cast are popular actors Sonali KulkarniAamir Bashir, and Naveen Kasturia, while Beena Banerjee makes a brief appearance. Hope Aur Hum is unlike mainstream Bollywood films of present times and takes us back to the good old days of feel-good family entertainers. It is a movie suitable for all ages and should definitely be watched by all.

What’s Hope Aur Hum About:

Patriarch of the Srivastava family, Nagesh (Naseeruddin Shah) is obsessed with his antique copy machine that has been his bread and butter for years. The machine is now fairly useless, but Nagesh has a deep emotional connection with it and is not willing to let go. Annoyed by the machine that takes up floor space in the house, his daughter-in-law Aditi (Sonali Kulkarni), is determined to be rid of it and hands her husband Neeraj (Aamir Bashir) the task of convincing his father to give it up.

Meanwhile, Nagesh’s youngest son Nitin (Naveen Kasturia) is back in town and Aditi wants to see him married. But Nitin is more concerned about the loss of his phone, which leads him on a tumultuous journey where he meets the woman who might just strike his interest. The youngest member of the family, Anu (Kabir Sajid), is also fighting the demons in his head, which threaten to turn his life upside down.

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What Works:

While the film explores the individual lives of each family member, there’s a common theme running parallel to the stories – destiny. The conclusion of each story is fated and there’s not much any character could have done to change it. Life generally seems to go the same way and the filmmaker has conveyed this message beautifully on screen. Music by Rupert Fernandez is also top-notch and sets the easy-breezy mood for the film. Ravi K. Chandran deserves a special mention for the cinematography as the top shots in the movie phenomenally captured the whole scenery.

Naseeruddin Shah, as always, is fascinating in his role. He draws most of our attention and also gets our sympathy, especially when he loses his beloved copy machine. Kabir Sajid is a treat to watch on screen and his troubles take us back to our own childhood days when we struggled to keep dark secrets. Naveen Kasturia is the underrated chocolate boy Bollywood deserves and we wish he had more screen time. Sonali Kulkarni's character is the most relatable, as her life revolves around putting the family together. Aamir Bashir and Virti Vaghani also play their parts to perfection.

What Could’ve Been Better:

We have no complaints from this movie as it is an absolute pleasure to watch. While we would have wished to see more of Naveen Kasturia, the rest of the storylines have been put together well.

Why You Should Watch:

Hope Aur Hum depicts a story that can happen in any family. There is comedy, romance, heartbreak, loss, and nostalgia and the emotions come and go throughout the film. In the end, the movie only leaves you with a sweet, positive feeling as everything comes together beautifully. Do catch this movie in theatres, where it is enjoyed best with the full family.