I, Me Aur Main: Movie Review

Review:  I, Me Aur Main is a story about a typical mama’s boy. Pampered and spoilt, told constantly by his mother that he is the best. Most women would love to nod their heads in disgust when they watch Ishaan’s (John) mother pamper him like a child even when he is all grown up. The story of this man-child is done to death, half-baked and has very little entertainment value.

The only saving grace is Prachi Desai’s character Gauri – free-spirited, lovable, spunky and adds life to the movie (much required). Chitrangada Singh plays Ishaan’s successful lawyer girlfriend who finally gets fed up of his antics and lets him go. The twists and turns added to this movie are also the usual Bollywood clichés that make you go – "Oh No! Not Again".

Even the change of heart that Gauri brings about in Ishaan is executed with such unjustified abrupt behaviour, you’re left wondering when will that hot song come around. Yeah, you actually want to see song and dance? What? There are good-looking actors here? It’s ok. Don’t judge.

Good intentions of light-hearted entertainment maybe, but a stronger, tighter script would have helped. John, in all fairness tries hard. Chitrangada as always is good. But Prachi Desai is the star here. She has been given a sparkling character to play and she plays it well.

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