Imtiaz Ali‘s short film India Tomorrow is in the news this week. While promoting the film, Ali said he was excited by the various possibilities the short film format and web-series offer. 

India Tomorrow - BookMyShow

India Tomorrow is a 5-min-long short film that gives us the message of hope. The short is a conversation between a sex worker and her customer. An interesting look at the life, hopes and aspirations of sex workers, Ali tries to send a very strong message through his film. Set in Mumbai’s red light area – Congress House, the film’s basic aim is to show us that hope and dreams can come true for anyone and everyone, all they need is a plan. 

The film has an intriguing script and manages to subtly put across its point. Sadly, the message doesn’t stay with us. The film explores the right subject with the correct script but fails to make an impact in the minds of the audience. The film ends rather abruptly and leaves us with a song that looks quite out of place. Maybe, a few more minutes would have helped. An undercurrent of optimism flows through India Tomorrow that doesn’t quite manage to move the viewer. Shot entirely on an iPhone, India Tomorrow is a decent job, but you know Imtiaz Ali can do much better.   
You can watch the short film here: