Ishkq In Paris had 3 Ps – Preity Zinta, Prem Raj & Paris, to make it a beautiful love story but love is not at all the agenda till the end of the movie. A much anticipated movie with the queen of rom-com returning to the big screen after a hiatus of 5 years, it had an air of hype around it. But the bubble broke after the movie eventually made it to the theaters after being in the news for some time. The movie acclaims to be inspired by the life of the actress and the director. 


The love story revolves around I-S-H-K-Q (Preity Zinta) and the light-eyed Akash (Rhehan Malliek) (pronounced as A-Cash). Ishkq is a half Indian, half French independent fashion photographer. Though never been to India, she speaks fluent Hindi. Impressive! Defining her character in the film: “Ishkq is a photographer and loves photography because pictures are perfect. They don’t change with time.” Though confident and bubbly superficially, Ishkq is a repressed character who hides her real emotions and judges every relationship with caution, owing to the fact that her father (Shekhar Kapoor) had abandoned her when she was just seven.
The movie follows a fable styled narration by veteran French actress Isabella Adjani (Ishkq’s reel mother). Opening with the dialogue, “Paris is the most beautiful city in the world to fall in love”, the movie soon breaks the myth by portraying that one can get anything in Paris but love.

Prem Raj, director, takes the audience for a stroll along the streets of Paris. He directs two strangers (Ishkq & Akash), who are single, attractive but commitment phobic to spend a night together. Don’t get it wrong! They aren’t making love in some comfy hotel room, but enjoying the nightlife of Paris in a totally different manner. 

In the quest for some good time they wander along the cobbled lanes of Paris with the decision, ‘they will ‘never’ meet again’. Soaked up completely, they divulge in dance, party, drinks, making a mock film and several other insignificant things. But nothing serious comes by inspite of the fact Cupid has destined that ‘they are made for each other’. Parting their ways, Akash soon realizes his love for Ishkq. He returns to Paris (to hell with the decision of never meeting again) on the pretext of attending his best buddy’s French wedding. From there on, what follows is the monotonous Bollywood rom-com. With friendship, hang-outs, proposal, rejection, confession, and finally love, the movie is like a fairytale that ends well in a big fat Indian wedding. 

The film is packed with cliché visualization and some way too cheesy, hard to digest dialogues. Few scenes and lines did tickle the funny bone, but were not exceptional. Though meant to be realistic, there were lots of things that seemed to be illogical. The actress was seen roaming in the streets of Paris in mini-skirts which were inappropriate for winters; Akash’s parents who were described as separated are seen together as a happy couple at the end of the movie, and so on. 
Putting logic and the weak romantic story aside, the technical aspects are worth a mention. The cinematography was excellent, beautifully portraying the bustling daytime and neon-lit nightlife of Paris especially the scene where Preity surprises Rhehan to the marvelous sight of Eiffel Tower, where all the lights come alive in the evening. The European accented narration by the legendary artist Isabella Adjani was remarkable. Composed by Sajid-Wajd, the music of the movie was average but the romantic track, Jane Bhi De sung by Sonu Nigam and Sunidhi Chauhan was a treat to the ears. The song vibes well with the scenes showing Ishkq and Akash enjoying the lively daytime street life of Paris. The item number where Salman Khan appears in the movie is logically justified and is surely a vibrant visual treat which should not be missed in this 96 minutes rather long yet slow movie. 

As a comeback film, Zinta has acted decently. Also Malliek’s acting skills are satisfactory as he ventures into Bollywood. Though a hard try, but definitely not an impactful comeback!

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