A movie with a story which can be successfully classified as one with the absence of a story. Ishk Actually, is a movie about love which has completely gone awry. All the major aspects of this film are completely out of place. Whether it is direction, story or acting, the film throughout the screen-time tries to portray itself as a mood sequence which simply doesn’t work. A story which is told in the present and flashback needs better clarity to proceed well in order to avoid confusion. This is the story of a girl who is engaged to her fiance and then another man named Kabir enters her life. A tale of crossroads. Then, there is another girl in the scene. Seems confusing. Well, while watching the film, it is difficult to comprehend the way the story moves forward (or shall I say, backwards).    

Any film which deals with love has to create a connection with the audience and Ishk Actually fails here completely. There is a serious problem with editing and pacing with the film and it seems that isolated scenes are just put together to make a story. Dialogues are far more melodramatic and create a sense of disrupt on screen. If there is one worthy aspect in the film, it might be the depiction of love and dilemma she goes through in a certain degree. In that aspect, Ishk Actually has got the character right at a few places, but on the whole, it is just a movie about love which completely misses the essence of love.


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