Verdict: A bold concept that lacks both content and sensuality

It's really a bold move to release an adult-thriller here in India when you have certain sections of the society ready to be up in arms playing moral police but that did not stop director Sanjay Sharma. The director takes this movie up a notch by claiming it to be India's first threesome movie. Ironically, we do have a set of audience who cater to adult-thrillers and such movies usually make it up for the lack of story-line with their sensual scenes. This movie does neither.

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The basic premise of the movie revolves around a young dynamic girl named Pakhi (Divya Singh) from a middle class family who wants to fly high and fulfill her desires- both physical as well as mental (mostly physical). One fateful night, in her drunken stupor, she is rescued by this muscular hunk named Raj (Rajbeer Singh) and they instantly fall in love. Enter Veer (Raj Aryan) – Raj’s partner in crime, chaddi buddies and similar brotherly adjectives. What transpires when Veer falls for Pakhi is the remainder of the movie.

Within the acting department, the performances range from being blunt at times to being plain disappointing. The protagonist could have done a better job but can be pardoned since it’s her debut movie. The same cannot be said for the two male leads who disappoint.

The film suffers majorly because of continuity flaws, which are distracting and completely throws you off. A crisper direction would have done a lot of good for the movie as it has a unique storyline and an inherent social message. Something to ponder upon while leaving your seats. Food for thought.

Why You Should Watch This Film

If you are into adult-thrillers, then this can be your pick for the weekend. Nevertheless, the movie will make you laugh in some parts – intentionally or otherwise.