Verdict: The story and setting are will resonate with small-town masses.

Bollywood has a classic style of romance – boy meets girl, he falls in love at first sight, he goes all out to woo her, she loves him back, there’s a roadblock in their relationship, love conquers all, happily ever after. This style has been toyed with over the years and even today, we have romances on similar storylines. Bollywood’s recent release, Ishqeria approaches this path often trodden with a gender role reversal. Directed by Prerna Wadhwan, the movie that has finally released after a delay of three years explores the story of a girl chasing a boy.

What’s Ishqeria About:

A small-town girl Kuhoo (Richa Chadda) is excited to move to a university in the hill station of Mussoorie. On the first day itself, she runs into Raghav (Neil Nitin Mukesh) – the Headboy of the university and an all-round student. It is love at first sight for Kuhoo and in a night of drunken stupor, her friends promise to do whatever it takes to bring them together. Thus begins a series of hilarious events, where the girls led by queen bee Loveleen (Juby Devasi) stalk Raghav and make note of his schedule. Kuhoo just happens to pop by wherever he goes and eventually, he falls into the trap. The relationship progresses well until the lovers are torn apart. But romantic movies always end well and love does conquer all, only not in the way you’d expect.

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What Works:

If you haven’t been to Mussoorie, Ishqeria will make you fall in love with it. The whole film is set in this town, which is depicted beautifully throughout. While it may seem easy to capture the beauty of a picturesque location, cinematographer Dani Sanchez-Lopez must definitely be applauded for the beautiful shots of the hilltop. The story of the film is certainly one for the masses and will be enjoyed best if you belong to a small town in northern India, as you’d connect with the characters and their garish personalities. Richa Chadda always brings something new to the screen and her bold and charismatic character is certainly a bonus factor. But the highlight of the film remains Juby Devasi, who outshines even Chadda with her loud and brash persona. Neil Nitin Mukesh plays a somber role in comparison, which is the reason this pair clicks. They are starkly opposite but complement each other well. Raj Babbar also impresses in his two very short appearances.

What Could’ve Been Better:

There are several inconsistencies and loopholes in the script, which can easily be overlooked because who really cares about errors when there’s a sweet romance brewing, right? The film also jumps time frames, which makes it a tad difficult to keep up with which sequences are in the past and what’s currently happening.

Why You Should Watch:

Bollywood is known to have unusual jodis that surprisingly work and Ishqeria does the same. Watch it for Neil Nitin Mukesh and Richa Chadda, as they stir up a romance unlike any you have watched before. This could also be an ideal watch with a group of friends.