Verdict: Akshaye Khanna shines in this thrilling film.

Bollywood isn’t great with remaking its classics. From Sholay to Zanjeer, the version 2.0 of all-time blockbusters have never been appreciated. Abhay Chopra, son of late filmmaker Ravi Chopra, has taken a gutsy decision to remake the cult classic Ittefaq in his directorial debut. The 1969 film is considered as one of the best Hindi thrillers of all time, so find out if this all-new take on it is worth your money. 

What’s Ittefaq About: 

Renowned novelist Vikram (Sidharth Malhotra) is on the run on the night of his wife’s death. The police eventually catch up with him and charge him. While searching for him, they encounter Maya (Sonakshi Sinha), a lady who claims that Vikram forcibly entered her house and killed her husband. Inspector Dev (Akshaye Khanna) is called on to investigate this double murder case and he has just three days to so as Vikram is a British citizen and cannot be held captive for long. The blame game begins with both Maya and Vikram sharing different versions of the events that night. Now, Dev has to make sense of the chaotic timeline and join the scattered pieces to solve the mystery.

What Works:

A thriller only works if it manages to hold the suspense till the very end and throw in a few surprises in between. In most Hindi films, you can spot the twists from a mile away but Ittefaq isn’t one of them. You are continuously glued to the screen, searching for clues that would lead you to the killer. But they are hard to find thanks to the solid script and sharp editing. Ittefaq has a runtime of just 1 hour 47 minutes and doesn’t feature any songs. Akshaye Khanna is the standout star and we wish he’d sign more films. He played a cop in Mom too and we can only hope he doesn't get typecast. Sidharth Malhotra may have been criticised for his past few performances but in Ittefaq he shows that he can act. He is particularly good in the scene in which his character has a breakdown. A special mention to the actors playing the junior cops. Their performances are on point and they ensure a laugh or two in this otherwise serious film.

What Could Have Been Better:

While Ittefaq keeps you guessing for long, towards the last 20 minutes, you get a feeling of how things are going to pan out. Sonakshi Sinha has much lesser screen time than Sidharth, which doesn't let her character develop. She disappears from the proceedings for longer than she should have.

Why You Should Watch This Movie: 

Bollywood filmmakers rarely get thrillers right. After Mom and Naam Shabana, Ittefaq is the only suspense based Hindi film to impress this year. Book your tickets and we guarantee you won’t regret spending two hours in a theatre this weekend.

PS: While watching Ittefaq, don't forget to #saynotospoilers