Verdict: The search for the perfect love story ends here.

They say there is magic on the silver screen, but we say that nothing matches the charm that Shah Rukh Khan carries. The King of Romance is back with Jab Harry Met Sejal and it will make you reminisce every love story, from Jab We Met to DDLJ, that you have ever admired.

The movie revolves around Sejal (Anushka Sharma) and Harry (Shah Rukh Khan) and their journey throughout Europe. Sejal, who was on a family trip, loses her engagement ring and stays back to find it, with the help of the tourist guide Harry. Reluctant to work for Sejal, Harry tries, in vain, to make her choose Mayank (Aru Krishansh Verma) – his coworker – to go with her instead. But she refuses and Harry sets out to roam around Europe with Sejal in search of the ring. In their travels, they find something they didn`t realize was missing from their lives.

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Imtiaz Ali has a certain style of filmmaking. There are certain recurring attributes in his films and you'll find them in this one too. The film has been shot in different cities of Europe, at places that belong in the dreams of many photographers. But shooting the movie abroad didn't make it lose the desi touch. Finding the right locations is easy, but portraying them beautifully through the camera is what filmmaking is about. And the film looks as beautiful as the love story.

Secondly, to be a writer and a storyteller are two different things. Our man, Imtiaz Ali, here is the latter and one of a kind. Even though the Badshah dominated this romantic comedy, it didn't lose the multilayered characters that Harry and Sejal were meant to be. In their pursuit of the missing thing, you can't help but feel good about this meeting. Once you watch the movie, you will not be able to think of any other version of it.

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Anushka Sharma has time and again proved to be more than just a Bollywood heroine. She knows her work and is equally talented, which shows in her performance. She plays the character of a Gujju girl and maintains the same intensity of typical Gujju traits throughout the movie (even after the climax). From her accent, body language, behavior to her dressing, every single thing will remind you of the quintessential Gujarati girl hailing from a diamond merchant's family. Anushka perfects this character, making the role all the more fun and adorable. 

The film will make you believe that Shah Rukh Khan and romantic films are made for each other. As good as his performance is, the film portrays a stunning vision of him, with a huge tattoo towards the right of his chest, chiseled body, partially unbuttoned body-hugging shirts, and that charming smile. Every close-up of him makes you sigh, as you stare into his eyes. He plays a Punjabi boy, speaking Hindi, English, French, Punjabi and a little Gujarati with a lot of flair. He sings, dances, comforts and loves you like no one will. It is hard not to fall in love with him.

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The music of the movie is refreshingly good (another Imtiaz Ali trait). There are no dream sequences, nor any remakes, which is a relief. All the songs have been placed just right, either in the background or in the sequence. Be it Hawayein or Safar, even the fast numbers are something you would tune into every now and them. Pritam Chakraborty has created magic again and made the flow of the story even more enjoyable.

The movie never loses its grip and has something for every viewer. There is the quintessential charm of Shah Rukh Khan, Anushka Sharma portrays another bubbly character, and an authentic Imtiaz Ali mesmerizes you with his storytelling. It doesn't move back in time, but there are a few flashes that keep you hooked and wanting for more. The film is an Imtiazification of the love story, with SRK doing the romance. Think of a magical story teller, a charmer and an impersonator working together. The film is every bit as amazing as you can imagine it to be.

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Love stories are like ghost stories, you believe in them only if you have experienced them. This love story, however, will either make you believe in it or will make you fall in love with it.

Why You Should Watch The Movie (Twice):
The movie has all the three names at their best: Anushka Sharma, Shah Rukh Khan and Imtiaz Ali. We bet you will watch it twice if you are a fan of any of them. Shah Rukh Khan has again created the magic he is known for. The movie is fun, romantic and keeps you wanting for more. After all, the bass in Phurr with SRK doing the bhangda is not something you see very often. SRK is truly back and you will regret not watching him on the big screen.

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