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Jia Aur Jia: Film Review – Kalki and Richa Steal the Show

Verdict: A fun film you should definitely watch with your girls this weekend.

Kalki and Richa, both terrific performers are known for their acting prowess and their choice of films. Definitely, when such a power-packed duo comes onscreen together, our expectations are bound to rise. Jia Aur Jia, directed by Howard Rosemeyer, doesn’t do much to fulfill these expectations. The movie takes the phrase "why should boys have all the fun" way too seriously. The director has tried to film a travelogue on screen with one feisty and one broody character at the center of the drama.

What's Jia Aur Jia About:

As the name suggests, the movie is about Jia Venkatram and Jia Garewal, women with starkly opposite personalities who opt for a twin holiday package. Their Sweden road trip lands them in random situations that have no connections at all. Jia Venkatram, full of remorse all the time, finds Jia Garewal a bit too chirpy and careless and their initial bickering almost make you wait for that one big cat fight. But with time, the two start getting along well especially after the entry of Kalki’s love interest Vasu (Arslan Goni), an Indian origin Swedish. By the time you realize what just happened, Kalki’s Jia and Vasu are already in love. A rushed flashback reveals the reason for Jia Venkatram’s forever frowning face. But it doesn’t end there. A road accident reveals a big secret that changes everything for all the characters. Now to know what happens to the Jias and does Garewal end with Vasu, you need to watch the movie.

What Works:

The nok-jhok between the lead actresses looks natural. While Kalki looks totally adorable as the ever-cheerful lass, Richa looks equally poised and melancholic enough to make you empathize with her. Some good punch lines from Kalki in the first part will leave you in splits while certain picturesque locations would leave you in awe of Sweden. Apart from the banters and the sweet-sour relationship of the two characters, the debut of actor Arslan Goni also takes a smooth takeoff. The reprise of the retro number Jia Ho played against a wedding set up is as beautiful as it is soothing.

What Could Have Been Better:

A film like this should have definitely explored more of Sweden which was missing, barring a couple of scenes. Though Richa’s expressions did complete justice to her character, something was off with her dialogue delivery. Playing too many brash characters has probably made Richa too conscious about playing a shy, somber girl. The elephant in the room is definitely the film’s storyline which was a little haphazard. The direction and editing also lacked the necessary touch, making this tale of loving your life and female bonding leave a void in the end.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

If you consider yourself struck by wanderlust, then Jia Aur Jia will totally delight you. Also, watch it to know what female bonding is all about as the Jias take you on a roller coaster ride of joys, sorrows, and uncertainties. A one-time watch, Jia Aur Jia is perfect to be added to your calendar this weekend.

Meanwhile, watch Richa Chadda and Kalki beat the road tripping blues.