Verdict: A harmonious love story of two people who belong to entirely different worlds.

Bollywood has borne witness to many love stories; but only a few musical ones. Debutant director and writer Shefali Bhushan envisages a musical romance playing out between a young couple, who bond through their common love for music. The title Jugni (free like a firefly) compliments the carefree nature of the lead. It also means, a narrative device used in Punjabi folk. Either way, the title fits the story perfectly well.

The movie starts with Vibhavari (Sugandha Garg),a music director, traveling to Punjab in search of Bibi Saroop (Sadhana Singh), who is blessed with a soulful voice. It so happens that she meets Bibi’s son, Mastana (Sidhant Behl) instead and instantly takes a liking towards his voice. She wants to record a song with both the mother and son for her next movie and hence decides to stay with the family for a few days. In the course of her stay, a series of events bring Mastana and Vibhavari close to each other and eventually make Mastana fall in love with the latter. Both Mastana and Vibhavari are engaged to different people, which further complicates things. The story revolves around the two dealing with these very problems while continuing the recording process.

With a very fresh story line, Shefali Bhushan has made a remarkable debut as a director with Jugni. Garg bags a slightly meatier role compared to Behl but both do justice to their respective characters. Sadhana Singh might have a supporting role as Bibi Swaroop but is an important part of the movie; so is Anurita Jha, who plays the role of Mastana’s fiance Preeto.

Although an entirely new cast may not be as appealing to the audience, the story is what will lure them to watch it. With a runtime of an hour and 55 minutes, you can enjoy Jugni till the very end.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

The story is fresh and so are the faces in Jugni. The director has done a fine job focusing on the minute things, in order to make sure the audience’s attention doesn’t waver. Also, some beautiful locations in Punjab and authentic Punjabi folk music are what you should look out for.

— By Sanaa Surve