Verdict: Hrithik's shines in this revenge thriller. 

When you go to watch Kaabil, you don't go in blind. You know what's going to happen before it does, but it still manages to hold your attention every step of the way. 

Rohan Bhatnagar (Hrithik Roshan) plays a blind dubbing artist. He falls in love and marries Supriya 'Sue' Sharma (Yami Gautam). She catches the eye of the local goon, Amit (Rohit Roy). There's already an impending sense of dread from the moment he's introduced. The beginning of the movie is setting up the idyllic life of the couple, and the buildup works well when something inevitably happens to them. 

Rohan's singular goal in life after meeting Sue becomes becoming 'kaabil' enough to fulfill her dreams. Anytime she's disrespected, he flies into a blind rage. It's clear how much he loves her though a lot of time isn't spent fleshing out their relationship. Rohan also jokes how it was love at first sight. 

Though both characters are blind, they don't let their visual impairment hinder their life. Rohan can cook, ride a bicycle and of course, fight. Sue has also built up her career as a pianist and makes for an affectionate wife and a voice of reason. Being blind means navigating the world in a different way and the filmmakers have done a great job portraying it. Both Rohan and Sue use their other senses to make up for the one they don't have. From smells to sounds and touches, they aren't held back by their disability. 

Much of the camera focuses on Rohan's face and you don't forget even for a moment that he is blind. The blank stare is unnerving. Hrithik's acting is completely believable. Hrithik Roshan plays the part of a normal man convincingly, and you feel everything he does, and the lack of vision doesn't distance you from his character. 

Hrithik also has a bit of fun pretending to be Amitabh Bachchan, but the movie isn't all fun and games. There's not much humor, but Kaabil is a thriller, after all. 
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The narrative has some clever turns that you might not be expecting. Even during the slow beginnings of their relationship, every little thing mentioned has a purpose, whether it's a particular location or an object.

Yami Gautam does an excellent job of showing the light going from Sue's eyes when tragedy strikes and we feel deeply for Rohan. Rohan is refused help by the system. Rohan finally takes revenge in his own hands. His monologue right before the interval signals his determination that he will avenge his wife. 

The songs in Kaabil are blended into the story and don't stand out on their own. There are exaggerations, of course, but it still proves to be a convincing every step of the way. 

Even the supporting cast portrays their roles brilliantly for the limited screentime they have. The brothers Rohit and Ronit Roy also play brothers in Kaabil, and you will despise their every action. Amit (Rohit Roy) is the low-life that you can't help but hate. Madhavrao (Ronit Roy) is the corrupt politician who will support Amit, no matter what crimes he commits. All characters have a place in the movie and not one of them is wasted. 

Kaabil is sensitive to blind characters and shows that people without them can also be strong and more than capable of doing everything. 

Don't go in expecting major plot twists, but you will be surprised at the ingenuity of the plot. The movie is perfectly crafted, and you leave feeling satisfied that the justice was served. 

Why You Should Watch This Movie: 
If you're looking for a good old revenge story where you root for the good guy, Kaabil is the movie for you. You'll be hooked to the seat to the very end, when you'll rise with a cheer for Rohan finally getting his revenge.