The movie opens with Kabir (Ali Fazal) releasing a video clip of his ex-girlfriend (Debina Bonnerjee) where she is seen professing her love for him. Kabir is a writer by profession and this is his revenge against the girlfriend who dumped him for some other guy. Debina’s cameo is breezy and you wish she had a larger part to play in the movie. To get over her, Kabir decides to go to the mountains in search of a story.

His journey takes him to an old mansion under the care of Meera, (Sapna Pabbi) who rents him a room. Kabir starts feeling the presence of a supernatural entity in the house and freaks out. Meera refuses to acknowledge any such happenings and blames it on his lack of sleep. Kabir later finds out about Meera’s husband Jaydev Dhanrajgir (Gurmeet Singh), who has been in a vegetative state because of a freak accident.
As the story progresses, Kabir and Meera fall in love but she refuses to go away with him. Kabir doesn’t understand why Meera is afraid to leave the mansion until one day, her husband is found dead. The plot thickens there after and they are both caught in a maze that threatens to destroy their love and life.
Khamoshiyan would have been the dream launch for Gurmeet Singh, but the actor has very little to do in the film. His dialogues seem forced and it looks like he’d much rather be somewhere else. Sapna Pabbi looks refreshing on screen as the mysterious Meera. Ali Fazal’s acting potential has been wasted. The mansion looks like a set and the visual effects could have been better. The background score is dreamy but the supernatural element is a drag. You keep wishing for a Kabir- Jaydev fight sequence that never happens. The steamy scenes lack appeal and the film looks like it was made in a haste.
Why should you watch the film?
The actors’ potential remains untapped but they deliver earnest performances. Sapna Pabbi makes a refreshing debut. The music score is soothing, and hauntingly romantic. Go for the film, if you have nothing else planned for the weekend. Moreover, those who have been waiting for the big screen debut of Gurmeet Singh are in for a treat!
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