Short films are made to say a lot in a very small amount of time and in the case of Khujli, the level of excitement is much higher because it was released on the April Fools' Day and starred two legendary actors of Bollywood – Jackie Shroff and Neena Gupta. With this film, Terribly Tiny Tales has once again lived up to its name and provided us with a short and immensely sweet tale of a couple who find love again.

Khujli revolves around a husband and wife who are probably in their wrong side of 40s. One day, while searching for an itch cream, the husband finds a handcuff in his son's room and gets furious like any Indian father would be. Initially angry about finding such a thing is his son's room, he becomes more curious than angry when he realizes his wife also knows about the different uses of a handcuff and is familiar with the terms kinky and BDSM. Now, the elderly couple tries to make use of the handcuff in their own ways and finds out that there is so more to their relationship that they had almost forgotten.

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Set in a very middle-class household, the film explores the things that fade away with time for a married couple. It is about a fun day in the normal mundane lives of a housewife and a husband fed up of his khujli. Shroff and Gupta create a very relatable image of a couple that is together for decades and are just going on with their lives without the romance and energy that they shared once. However, the kind of comfort they share while talking about things that are "not supposed to be discussed" is an interesting part on an otherwise typical setting.

This short will make you laugh, smile and giggle simultaneously with the unexpected reactions of both characters. Based on a topic that is hardly covered much, this movie is a light-hearted take on how some fun is always required for a happy relationship. This short film is like the relieving feeling you get after scratching a mosquito bite. Watch it here: