A tale of hardwork and achievement with undercurrents of a blooming romance, the story of Khwaabb is directly picked up from a primary school tale. A talented village girl, an everlasting dream to conquer the world, and a coach who discovers her talent and takes her into a world she was born to live in. And then follows a story of two athletes who overcome all obstacles that come their way.
Director Zaid Ali Khan takes the movie at an extremely-sluggish pace. A man comes to a village, discovers a talented girl, approaches her father who is perpetually in an inebriated state to allow her to go to sheher with him (who says no, obviously) and the next morning they set off on their journey to stardom. However, the twist here is the ‘bonus’ talent, Sanjay (Navdip Singh) who is not sure of, or concerned about his potential till his right-out-of-a-spoof-video coach reprimands him. He is probably the only reason one could consider the movie, if at all.
And then they are bombarded with every possible obstacle an athlete can endure. From a coach who sexually harasses his female students to a management that asks the athletes to self-finance their world championship event, the duo faces it all. However, the one who really suffers the entire plight is the audience. The movie is not able to hook them for any possible reason. Music is not worth lending ears to when the plot has already brought disappointment.
The acting is nothing extraordinary, infact below average. However, the male lead does not disappoint us. He definitely deserved a more promising debut. His character is a blend of a head-over-heels lover and a tough sportsman who ultimately becomes the sacrificial goat. The female lead seems lost and knows nothing, not even the meaning of the drug case she is implicated in. The coach bursts into emotional speeches every time his student lets him down or the management’s threats strikes him hard. Though reasonable, his speeches are not in the least engaging.
The movie has, therefore, nothing extraordinary to offer. One scene moves into another which is as predictable as night after day. The climax is disappointing with respect to the failed attempt to expose the corruption in the bureaucracy. Thus, the movie tries to explore the world of dreams of two simpletons, which puts the audiences into slumber.

Why should you watch the film?
Navdip Singh does justice to his role and his character development from a village simpleton who does not realize his potential to a winning athlete is worth a shot. The couple’s little romantic exchanges and muffled speeches while trying to talk to each other do not fail to touch hearts.

By Ragni Nathani

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