Not all actors make a successful transition from TV to films, but popular comic Kapil Sharma isn’t one of them. He managed to bag a lead role in his first film which has been directed by the renowned duo Abbas-­Mustan. With Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon, the brothers, who have given us edgy thrillers like Humraaz, Race and Aitraaz, have experimented with an out­-and-­out comedy film.

Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon tells us the story of Mr. Shiv Ram Kishan Kumar (Kapil Sharma) who ‘accidentally’ gets married to three different women (played by Manjari Phadnis, Simran Kaur Mundi and Sai Lokur). All hell breaks loose when all of them, along with his friend-­cum­-lawyer (Varun Sharma), begin to reside in the same building. To make matters worse, our hero also has to spend time with his girlfriend, Deepika (Elli Avram). More twists are introduced when Kumar’s parents come to stay with him.
The film does have some hilarious scenes like the one in the mall, in which the protagonist has to stop his wives from meeting each other. The only problem with the plot is how contrived it is. How can the wives be so dumb and never doubt their husband? How can they get fooled by stupid scientific theories provided by their husband’s friend? And the climax has some unnecessary melodrama which is intended to justify the hero’s wrongdoings.
Abbas-­Mustan are well-­known directors and we’re sure that making such a film must have been an easy task. Also, unlike their other films, this seems to be made on a relatively lower budget. So don’t expect any exotic locations or lavishly shot songs. 
Kapil Sharma has already shown us his brilliant comic timing on television and does a fine job in his film, too. He makes you feel bad for the state his character’s in. The other stand-­out performance is by Varun Sharma, who has to bail his friend out on more than one occasion. All the actresses get more or less the same screen­time, but none of them leave an impression. Special mention to Arbaaz Khan who is charming as the deaf don. Also, an actor of Supriya Pathak’s calibre should have definitely been given a better role.
Why You Should Watch This Movie:
The film has some seriously funny moments and the dialogues will surely have you in splits. Also, watch it for Kapil Sharma and Varun Sharma’s excellent performances. If you’re in the mood to catch a leave-­your-­brains-­at-­home entertainer this weekend, then Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon should be your first choice.