Krishna Aur Kans 3D: Movie Review

Review: Clearly the Hindi film industry has been bitten by the 3D bug that has in the past, convinced Hollywood that all animated films must be filmed in 3D. Why oh why do filmmakers think that the audiences are so gullible that they’ll willingly endure those headache-inducing glasses for two consecutive hours  just to get a three-dimensional picture?

While it is agreed that some films require 3D and it gives them an edge over others, however that doesn’t mean you use it just ’cause it is a newfound trend. But all’s forgiven as this is a baby step in the excited Indian animation industry which is still experimenting. It’s evidently a win-win situation for the producers and the pressurised Indian parent who thrive on movies they can take their kids to! Few working parents have the time to narrate Krishna’s story to their little one and irrespective of their religious beliefs, the stories reinforces the power of good over evil.

But unfortunately, this film has several glitches and hasn’t been appropriately designed for children. My sole problem with 3D is that the filmmakers using it get so swept away with this technology that they forget their target audience and the plot, screenplay and dialogues in the process (which essentially determines the film’s success). While the film features ADORABLE animated characters depicting Krishna, Radha and other animated child characters, the eloquent and old school Hindi may baffle the urban adult to the extent of losing interest in the film, the plight of a kid is furthermore understandable. 
Worse still, there is an unexpected twist in the film, an item number featuring the female monster, Putana who successfully manages to scare the toddlers away.

When a mythological film for children seems so commercial it does just the inevitable – repel the audience. However, unlike other films which lose their audience post the 2nd half, this film defies that norm. But to it’s disadvantage, the first half is so disastrous that I wonder how many people will endure it till the interval. It’s as good as a different film post the 2nd half in terms of the mood and feel it creates then. 

The boring first half could be attributed to the excessive emphasis given to the villain, Kansa – Devaki, Krishna’s biological brother. While the film stays true to its plot and chronicles how Krishna defeats Kansa who due to a prophecy believes Devaki’s eighth child (none other than Krishna) will kill him, the emphasis given to Krishna is almost zilch until the end of the first half.

But apart from these flaws and it’s blurred animation which makes you question the upcoming technology, the film does have its share of highlights. The second half has a bunch of scenes that are hilarious especially the ones depicting Krishna’s pranks. The scenes between Him, Radha and later, His friends stealing butter and playing pranks are particularly endearing. 

The film boasts of many memorable scenes as well as  voiceovers, all of whom have been done by renowned mainstream actors and a special mention must be made for Om Puri who breathes life into Kansa’s evil character. Juhi Chawla who has done the voiceover for Yashoda has been perfectly cast, she has mastered Yashoda’s character to the extent that you can sense her emotions and fear, especially in scenes when she reluctantly hands-over Krishna to Putana, who’s been sent by Kansa, in the guise of a wet nurse. The mother-son bond has been featured very fondly thanks to the brilliant voiceovers by her and Prachi Save (Krishna).

But needless to say, the second half of the film increased the chances of the film’s viewership. If only the language had been dumbed down a little, the numerous songs and its drama element were reduced, the film would have managed to entertain and move it’s audiences throughout it’s duration.
Verdict: Go in with minimal expectations and you’ll get entertained. If you raise your hopes about this one, then you’re in for disappointment. 

Kanika Rajani

Movie Details: 

Director: Vikram Veturi
Voiceovers: Om Puri, Prachi Save, Juhi Chawla, Manoj Bajpai, Sachin and Supriya Pilgaokar, Anupam Kher, Mukesh Khanna, A. K. Hangal
Writer: Kamlesh Pandey
Length: 2 hours

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