When it comes to India versus Pakistan we tend to get slightly jazbati– be it a cricket match or a movie. Speaking about movies, there are quite few films from Bollywood that centers around patriotism. However, it’s very rare that you get to see a film, which very subtly illustrates the Partition of India or nationalism.




Set in 1948 during the futility of war between India and Pakistan, Vijay Raaz’s Kya Dilli Kya Lahore is a heart-breaking story of two individuals. Samarth (Manu Rishi) is a bawaarchi from the  Indian battalion. Rehmat (Vijay Raaz) is a Pakistani jawaan. Following the order from his captain (Vishawajeet Pradhan) to collect a secret file, Rehmat heads toward the Indian border outpost. There he encounters Samarth, the bawaarchi who is unskilled as a soldier. They get enmeshed into a bitter-sweet verbal argument.  Voices are raised. Bullets are fired, which leaves Samarth wounded. As hours passed by, the two men realized that they have more in common than they thought.



The first look of the film might remind you of Danis Tanovic’s No man’s Land. But as the plot develops, you realize Kya Dilli Kya Lahore is a completely deglamorized story dealing with humanity. The film gets more absorbing as the characters develop, slowly, scene by scene. Vijay Raaz with his usual rustiness gave the character of Rehmat a major push. His character is brutish yet compassionate. Manu Rishi also gave a brilliant performance as Pratap. Barfi Singh played by Raj Zutshi, who appears at the later part of the movie, is an ambitious Army postal worker. He is lively.

The music however is not up to the mark. Composer Sandesh Shandilya who gave music for movies like Kabhie Khusi Kabhi Gham and Chameli, somehow disappointed us this time.

Why must you watch the film?
Sprinkled with Gulzaar’s beautiful poetry, Kya Dilli Kya Lahore presents a story of nationalism and pride. There is no blood and gore or over-dramatic flashbacks. It is a simple story of human emotion. Underlined with dark humor and somewhat melancholic characters, Vijay Raaz’s directorial debut will definitely touch the chord of your heart.

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