Lateef: The King of Crime: Film Review – Murdering Cinema!

The crime world has always inspired Indian filmmakers to portray it in their Cinema.  Lateef: The King of Crime is the best way to punish criminals who extort money. Just make them watch this film.The story is set in Ahmedabad, notorious for its illegal liquor market. Lateef, a school going boy and a liquor supplier goes on to become the King of this illegal trade. He kills anyone who comes in his way and roams the city like a king.  In doing so, he gains the status of a demigod.

Why am I even trying to describe this film? It does not have any particular story-line as such, but just random shots made into a “film”.
All the actors are sub-par! Especially the lead actor, Hamid Khan, who walks as if he is suffering from piles. He also has this habit of keeping one leg on a chair while standing (someone needs to show him what the purpose of a chair). The leading lady, Bharti Sharma,has nothing much to do but roam with Lateef. They just walk down random streets, eating golgappas. All the while, he just looks at her(with expressions that cannot be categorized).

It seems that every actor was paid to act as badly. The dialogues are so cheap and off-putting, that they’ll put any C-grade Hindi film to shame. Director Sharique Minhaj has made this film to portray his excellent skills in making a B-grade flick. The action sequences are so terribly choreographed, which make the scenes hilarious.

Why should one watch this film?

If you really got nothing to do and want to spend two hours by not troubling your brain then watch this film. Watch it for the good background score and to experience the actual street and slum life in the city of Ahmedabad.

By Ajinkya Prabhu

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