Verdict: Love Aaj Kal will warm your heart as you dive deep into the world of love. 

Love is a strong force of nature that has the power to transform and bring the best and worst out of a person. Imtiaz Ali‘s 2009 Love Aaj Kal, with Deepika Padukone and Saif Ali Khan was an instantaneous hit that dived deep into the fascinating and scary world of love. The director has now revived Love Aaj Kal with a new cast and a fresh take on the story.

What’s Love Aaj Kal About:

As the film opens we meet Zoe Chauhan (Sara Ali Khan), a modern, career-driven woman who is averse to the idea of a serious relationship as it will mess with her five-year plan to start her own event management company. Veer (Kartik Aaryan), on the other hand, is charming and has his boyish looks going for him. He is serious about Zoe and wants to go all the way with her. But, even after following her around and being at her beck and call, Zoe has to learn on her own about the power of love. Her perspective on love begins to change when Randeep Hooda narrates his love story that took place in 1990 when love was innocent and simpler.

What Works:

Kartik Aaryan plays a dual role here, from a small-town boy who is so stupidly in love that just seeing the face of his lover Leena (Aarushi Sharma) lights up his world, to a city boy who is a total geek but of the “cute” kind. While Kartik does a great job in playing his roles with conviction, it’s Randeep Hooda who makes a bigger impact with less screen time. With his sharp looks and relatable character, he manages to draw you into his story. Also, no one can complain about watching his handsome face on the big screen. Love Aaj Kal does a good job of giving Zoe and Veer backstories that help to connect the dots to their current choices and personalities.

What Could’ve Been Better:

Love Aaj Kal lacks that magical spark of its original film and Sara Ali Khan isn’t as convincing as her character demands her to be.

Why You Should Watch:

Love Aaj Kal makes for the perfect film to watch on Valentine’s Day to celebrate the universal emotion of love. Get ready to let your hearts melt as you are drawn into this love story.