Verdict: A typical Vikram Bhatt-styled thriller; predictable though

Known for his thrillers, some supernatural, some not so much; Vikram Bhatt is back with Love Games. As the title suggests, the thrills are all about love, lust and debauchery this time. This venture surely looks better than his previous efforts, which included Mr. X and Creature. Aren’t we glad he decided to experiment with something different this time around with this film consisting of a straightforward thrilling story-line.

Love Games begins with the lead actress’ favorite dialogue – "Roses are red, violets are blue; sex can be dangerous, but love can be too" when a man mysteriously falls to his death from a tall building. This man was the husband of Ramona (Patralekhaa) who is then accused of pushing him off the balcony, but she convinces the police that it was suicide. She laughs like a lunatic right after his death. It is evidently suggested that she is a psychopath – all the traits of being one unravel as the movie goes on. Remember Cameron Diaz`s character in Vanilla Sky? The very sexy and yet seemingly unhinged bed-buddy? Multiply her characteristics by 21 and you have Ramona.

Ramona’s friend with benefits is Sameer played by debutant Gaurav Arora. Sameer’s character suffers from "self harm" also referred as ‘SH’ (we are not making this up). He often cuts himself just so he can "feel something" and feel alive. Buddy, less cocaine = more feel; just saying. For Sameer, love is the missing piece of his life’s puzzle. Even though his nymphomaniac friend Ramona arranges for a sultry surprise, he doesn’t go through with it. They realize he needs something more ‘adventurous’ and they hence embark on a series of ‘love games‘.

Each love game comprises them choosing a really happy-looking couple at a gathering and then ruining what the couple have by seducing their respective counterparts. The first one of them to sleep with one half of the couple quicker than the other wins the prize – a week’s supply of cocaine sponsored by the loser. Sameer pulls off a cunning move, which eventually helps him win Round 1. Basking in his glory, he is shocked when sore loser Ramona is more upset than she should be and actually shoots at him, just about missing the target.

Gaurav (Hiten Tejwani) and Alisha (Tara Alisha Berry) enter as the next couple. Gaurav is possessive as possessive can be. He physically abuses his wife and disrespects her at all times although take enough care to appear happy in public. When they are chosen by our coked-out friends for Round 2, trouble begins because as luck and the movies would have it, Sameer and Alisha fall hopelessly in love. Ramona isn’t thrilled with the development and screams bloody murder.

What follows is a heady cocktail of blackmails, promiscuity, drugs and murder – crucial elementsthat make up a Vikram Bhatt thriller.

While Patralekhaa looks stunning, her delivery of lines is rather odd at times. The strangest dialogue she delivers has to be, "Oh, you are so dead. D-E-D. Dead!" Spellcheck? No? Ok! However, with her wicked laughs and what not, she manages to essay the role of a textbook psycho. Debut boy Arora looks promising and delivers a more polished performance. He seems more natural. Berry is probably the best actor among them all. Her constant depiction of depression being an ill-treated wife works well, making you really feel for her. 

Why You Should Watch This Movie:
Watch it if you found Bhatt’s previous films entertaining. He has only gone another level up with his style with Love Games.