Verdict: Salman Yusuff Khan and Manoj Joshi shine in this family drama.

Love U Family, starring Salman Yusuff Khan, Aksha Pardasany and Kashyap is a family drama that aims to reaffirm the importance of family – an institution the youth is often accused of slighting.

Sachindra Sharma’s film revolves around the emotional journey of three individuals and how the love of their families keeps them going. Khushi (Aksha Pardasany), a 20-something well-to-do girl who has just been made the CEO of a company in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Avi (Kashyap), a colleague in the same firm, tries to woo her but in vain. While Khushi’s parents (Manoj Joshi and Navni Parihar) approve of the young man, Khushi does not.

It is only when Avi tries to confess his love to Khushi that her past is revealed. Turns out she was married to Raj (Salman Yusuff Khan), a reality show-winning dancer who also happened to be her best friend’s brother.
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Besides focusing on the importance of family, Love U Family also touches upon the dynamics of human relationships and the significant place daughters have within a family. The film moves back and forth in time, in the process of which crucial events in the life of Khushi, both good and bad, are highligted.

The narrative may be uninspired, but the film has its moments – most of which are emotional. While the film remains sombre for most part, actor Shakti Kapoor‘s character Lovely Singh brings some comic relief. Veteran Manoj Joshi does a splendid job as Khushi’s father. He tries to make each scene, even the clichéd ones, work. Salman Yusuff Khan, who made his debut with ABCD (2013), delivers a praiseworthy performance in this film as well. The only disappointment, perhaps, is the fact that we do not see him dancing as much as we would have liked to.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:
Watch Love U Family for Salman Yusuff Khan. Plus, if you are a sucker for emotional films this one is for you.