Verdict: An ‘Absolut-worthy’ love story


Rom-coms seems to be flavor of the season and we have a variety of them already. This love story doesn’t start in a bed as the makers of Loveshhuda have been telling you. It starts with a drink. 


Gaurav (Girish Kumar) is a ‘Good Boy’ who listens to his two elder sisters Garima (Tisca Chopra) and Gauri (Benaf Dadachanji). As per Team Sisters’ wishes, Gaurav agrees to marry a London-based girl Vandana. Gaurav has one drink too many at his bachelor bash and don’t we all know how that ends up? Enter Pooja (Navneet Kaur Dhillon), who saves a very drunk Gaurav from being robbed and her idea of getting Gaurav sober is by giving him more alcohol. The next morning, Gaurav wakes up in bed with Pooja, with no memory of what happened. After spending a day together, they meet four years later at Pooja`s hen party in Mauritius and get drunk again. What happens next is a story as old as time.

The film has the meet cute part of the story done just right. It’s just the ‘re-meetings’, which remind you of Love Aaj KalYeh Jawaani Hai Deewani and Hum Tum. Director Vaibhav Mishra and team have done a commendable job presenting a very appealing and colorful frame sprinkled with witty and sometimes cliched dialogues. 

The performances of Girish Kumar and Navneet leave a lot to be desired but the chemistry between the actors more than makes up for it. Fancy locations from London to Mauritius and picturesque Simla add to the charm. 

Besides the locations, one thing that is in abundance through Loveshhuda is alcohol. The lead actors are constantly seen drinking and that over indulgence leads to all the decisions they make. Who are we to judge? 

The music is rather decent, especially Mar Jayeen, which is used often through the movie. The party songs, like them or hate them are going to be on everyone’s playlist. Chitta Kukkad brings back some good ol’ Punjabi wedding song feel with an electronic twist. 

Why You Should Watch This Movie: 

You are bound to enjoy the chemistry between the lead couple. It is also never a bad idea to learn the side effects of binge drinking; Loveshhuda will help.