Lucia is a queer film and has an artsy quality that somehow strikes a balance between Indian and World cinema. When you walk out of the theater you’ll be left with an urge to watch it once again just to get a better understanding. 
Set in Bangalore, the film begins with Nikki (Neenasam Satish) having a pretty laid-back life as an usher in Shankaranna’s (his guardian) movie theatre. His only issue in life is that he’s an insomniac. One night, as he loiters on the street sleepless, his life changes as he comes across a few boys who introduce him to Lucia. Pawan Kumar brings out his insomnia and the blurring lines between dreams and reality in an intelligent yet artistic way. The film has an interesting plot but I won’t reveal anything about it because that’ll spoil all the fun. All I will say is that the film takes sufficient time to build and reveal what it actually wants to show. 
The film has woven its plot around a novel concept. But there have been several filmmakers who have tried novel concepts but not all have succeeded. What makes Lucia special is the execution of the plot and the finesse in the music, cinematography and acting. 
Siddharth Nuni, the cinematographer has filmed Lucia on a 5D-digital camera with a minimal budget of 51 lakh rupees. However, this doesn’t stop the film from being a pictorial treat as each frame is rich in display. 
The film comprises debutants mostly while a few others are from a theater background. All actors in the film have delivered earnest performances especially Satish. 
The film has a reading of the great Kannada poet Kanakdasa’s poem titled ‘Nee Maayeyo Lago’ that goes something like this: 
Are you within illusion? or illusion is within you?
Are you into the body? Or is the body part of you?
Is space within the house? Or the house within space?
Or are both space and the house within the seeing eye?
Is the eye within the mind? Or the mind within the eye?
Or are both the eye and the mind within you?
Poornachandra Tejaswi has given the background score and music for the film and has done a brilliant job by creating fresh sounds that juggle between the hustle and bustle of the city and it’s dingy rooms. 

What makes Lucia more special is the fact that it’s a crowd-funded film that was financed with the money raised by Pawan Kumar through a social media campaign. In 27 days, 51 lakhs were raised with the help of 100 investors from the aam junta. In the words of Pawan, "I knew that regular film financiers would not back the script of the film so I decided to raise money through Facebook and my blog". Much to the investors’ delight, the film also won the coveted Audience Award at the Fourth London Indian Film Festival (LIFF). 
It is said that a good film is one that gets better or reveals itself a little more with every viewing. Lucia does exactly that, it’s the perfect dish with the perfect recipe for the Indian audiences and because it is so truly Indian it will and has amazed and been appreciated by the global audience. This film deserves a watch more than one time for sure.  

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